06 Oct ‘Dwarves’ Rule the Runway



JUAN SAYS: Here is something that we love about fashion and the designers behind the labels, they all think of ways of dressing everyone — from the tall and lanky, to the short and stocky. Fashion may be evolving and pushing the envelope, but it still remains to be indiscriminating. We would like to believe that labels and designers shouldn’t be stuck by just designing for the model figure, that is if they want to sell. They should also push themselves beyond their “comfort zone” and challenge themselves to create something wonderful for others too. After all, not everybody has a model type figure. Some grow in other areas that they certainly wished didn’t. And some didn’t grow at all. But that shouldn’t hinder anyone from finding clothes that would suit them well. This video should pose as a challenge for fashion brands and designers both here and abroad. Wanna be relevant? Wanna be cutting edge? Quit copying and make something for every shape and size. Yes, midgets included.



Watch | French ministry holds entire dwarf fashion show

#Video | Fifteen women dwarves walked the runway in latest colourful spring-summer fashion for an all dwarf fashion show in the Paris Fashion Week calendar.

Posted by Hindustan Times on Saturday, October 3, 2015

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