26 May Challenge: Celebs who had cosmetic enhancements, please come forward



JUAN SAYS: So we saw that “Cosmetic Surgery Enhancements” article at abscbn.com Finally, we said to ourselves, somebody is strong enough to come out in the open and admit that they made that decision to make themselves more beautiful and seek the help of science. Truth be told, most of us would understand if celebrities would feel the need to have their noses lifted, eye bags removed. Heck we would understand it if they had their whole face altered for the sake of their jobs. Show business, if we put it bluntly is a very cruel industry. You are liked, judged and followed based on your looks, and no matter how much we stand for that age old saying: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” it simply doesn’t have a place in the world of show business. (Case in point: ELLEN ADARNA. Pretty face. Big boobs.’Nuff said.)
People worship you because of how you look period. And even when more “exotic” looking comedy stars are rising, it is still a fact that looks play a crucial role in their rise to fame. Oo dude, gumanda na sila sa lagay na yun! And fame is the only gauge if they still have a career the next day, or they are just a thing of the past.
Eight stars were brave enough to come forward to say, “yes we did have surgery,” and kudos to them. Pero bakit 8 lang? Hindi ba talaga pwedeng once and for all magpakatotoo na ang LAHAT ng dapat magpakatotoo? Hindi ba pwedeng once and for all tanggapin na ninyong nagparetoke kayo, at eh ano naman ngayon?
Here is a challenge, try looking at the photos of your favorite stars when they were still, well… nowhere, compare them with how they look now. A little lift here, a little lift there, add a cup size, trim the jaw, trim the waist, and voila. Ibang iba na ang itsura nila ngayon. Parang magic lang ang peg! We are sure that fans would agree with us that they wouldn’t really care if their showbiz idols had a nose lift or breast augmentation. They won’t really care. They would still follow you, bow to their knees if they have to. But to some of us, we do wonder: “masasabi mo bang totoo kang maganda kung fully retokado ka?”
We’d support any celebrity who admits to having every part of her face surgically enhanced because she/he wants it. We would respect celebrities who would not be scared to admit that they wanted their face done because they feel that they had to. We would applaud any celebrity who would come forward and be true to themselves and say: “Oo pangit ako. Nagpakawa ako ng mukha, gumanda ako, eh ano ngayon.” Being truthful, no matter what the cost, is lovelier than any one who pretends perfection.
Come out come out wherever you are.


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