03 Jul Catalogue Angels vs Angels in Real Life



JUAN SAYS: The women in JUAN couldn’t agree with this even more. Like them, we also grew up collecting fashion magazines and idolizing models that don the clothes (swimwear, lingerie and all that) thinking we would look as hot as they are when wearing what they are promoting in these pages. As all of us, at one point in our lives, worked in a magazine, we realized it was not just a matter of models wearing them, well stick thin models at that. But it also involves a long process of that program we now know as Adobe Photoshop. Truly, looking like a goddess isn’t just being a goddess anymore. But thanks to the magic of the healing tool, LIQUIFY and cloning, we can now present ourselves as flawless.Here are some women in different forms and sizes wearing the Victoria Secret swimwear catalogue, and proving a point that not because it looks good in the glossies does it mean it looks good on real life too. (To read the full story, click here.)
Real Angel NINA: I wish I could see someone like me in a magazine, but I’m still waiting.
02Real Angel LARA: I want a magazine that I can pick up and look at the women and say “oh my God! That’s so me,” not “oh my God, I wish that was me.”

03Real Angel KRISTIN: For me, posing in a way that was almost intentionally unflattering felt like I was sabotaging myself.

04Real Angel ALLISON: A photograph is so misleading because it’s just capturing a millisecond.


Real Angel SHERIDAN: I used to see photos of these girls and hope one day I can look like that.
Real Angel KIRSTEN: It’s unhealthy for girls to only have one image of what a bikini body is. A bikini body isn’t a model’s body. It’s your body in a bikini.


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