25 Mar Bizarre Bazaar: Her Obsession with Miranda Kerr led to Anorexia



JUAN SAYS: While we see nothing wrong with loving celebrities and wishing to be like them, and we also see nothing wrong in wanting to improve ourselves and being inspired by certain celebrities and personalities; we see everything wrong with fans becoming obsessed with these celebrity idols to the point of endangering oneself. We take the example of this diehard fan who thought that looking like a Victoria Secret Model was everything. (Read full story here) She was too obsessed in looking like the waif model that at some point, it became about the weight loss and not about looking good. Those who are affected by anorexia are mostly teeners who do not know any better? Is it peer pressure? Is it the tendency to be more insecure? Is this part of the journey to womanhood? Is it because even friends and family members call them fat? What goes on in the heads of those inflicted with anorexia can only be explained by those who have been there, and regretted it. Sabi nga check yourself before you wreck yourself. Wag magpadala sa filter and angles. And most importantly, love yourself enough to not harm yourself.
In the Philippines, family and friends whom we have not seen for ages have the tendency to say their pleasantries by calling us fat. “Ang taba mo ngayon,” many would say. Many of us have weight issues, and if were just up to us, we would have stopped eating a long long time ago. But clearly that isn’t the case. While many of us think that this “joke” is tantamount to saying “hello,” we, fat people think that it is very rude. Eh kung sagutin kaya kita ng “uy, ikaw pangit ka pa rin,” hindi ka kaya masaktan?
We are not saying that a simple comment would send us puking in the john or make us want to start counting calories or obsess with losing weight and driving us to anorexia, but for those who have issues, it just might. So be careful with how you greet friends and family you haven’t seen for a long time. Weight issues are big issues. And some of us can’t just take it anymore. Would you rather see us chubby? Or would you rather see us thin-bangkay-levels? Think before you open your mouth, unless you don’t have a brain to use.


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