05 Jul Anatomy of a Queen



JUAN SAYS: We have seen the articles, posts of friends and colleagues who expressed their support to the coming out of Angelina, otherwise once known to many as simply Ian King. And we couldn’t be happier for her. Freedom is not entirely freedom if you can’t be yourself, if you constantly hide behind a facade of what you are supposed to be, rather than who you are. Hey, if the wife is good with it, then who are we to say otherwise. We also salute Joey Mead for being supportive. Not every woman, not every person on the other end of the spectrum, would be able to accept a transgender woman for a partner. “Love is love,” as she has said. Thank you for making us believe in love again. And we do hope that for every late bloomer transgender man or woman, there would be a partner with a heart as big as Joey’s.


We do not wish to say much about Angelina’s “coming out” since it has been the constant story on our facebook timelines. And if reading one or two stories weren’t enough, everything written about it, is one and the same thing. So we opted for something else.

Why hasn’t anyone mustered the courage to speak out and say, how luscious is her hair? How nice are her clothes. And really, how on earth do we get them?

So we researched (better yet, guessed) the better brands where one would find what Angelina is wearing, and gave alternatives to those who may be on a budget. Hey, who says there is no equality when it comes to fashion? As long as you get that look and rock it, we do not have any issues!




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