21 Sep A Little Too Much is Just Too Much!



JUAN SAYS: It has become a skin-frenzy on the red carpet lately, as one star after another bares all in their red carpet gowns while strutting the red carpet, and we are not the only ones who are appalled by it. Tim Gun of the Project Runway fame called Emily Ratajkowski’s fashion choice “appallingly vulgar,” and we couldn’t agree more.


“This dress is so appallingly vulgar and revealing. Why wear anything? Why not just take it all off,” Gunn said on E!’s “Fashion Police.”

With this comment, Emily took this to twitter and retorted “Western men in 2016: Want to ban women abroad from voluntarily covering themselves at the beach…then want women to cover up their ‘vulgar’ bodies at home.”

There is a place for everything honey, and we are not totally against freedom of expression. The beach is a place where you can expose all your assets, but the red carpet? 

Gunn’s co-host NeNe Leakes came to Emily’s rescue saying: “Tim, you guys have seen the Kardashians walk around with their nipples out and all of that stuff,” she said. “At least, she doesn’t have her nipples out!”

Ah, the Kardashians. ‘Nuff said.

Gunn repsonded: “That’s my point. Is this all driven by social media? Is this all just about [getting] everybody shocked? And I will tell you, I’m not shocked. I lived through the 1960s. No decade was more shocking than that when it comes to fashion. This is just vulgar and repugnant.”

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