09 Dec 17 Bizarre Beauty Products that Actually Exist


Beauty Products copy

JUAN SAYS: We bet these things came from China. Some people don’t understand how these seemingly weird things can work to their advantage. We at JUAN do not just throw you a bunch of nonsense without making some sense out of it. So we would like to explain or interpret how these things can be useful for you. Para sa mga weird na tao ngayong pasko!


Beauty Products 1 copy

JUAN SAYS: A simple solution would be: buy underwear, clothes that are your size and NOT smaller than you actually are!Beauty Products 2 copy

JUAN SAYS: Seryoso, gusto namin NEON para glow in the dark!

Beauty Products 3 copy

JUAN SAYS: Probably mislabeled and it was supposed to be, mouth expander for that perfect blow job.

Beauty Products 4 copy

JUAN SAYS: Because they are CLIMBERS like that!

Beauty Products 5 copy

JUAN SAYS: Maybe only CLIMBERS can see the difference.

Beauty Products 6 copy

JUAN SAYS: If there is oil film control then there are face masks on a pad! Paki nyo ba!

Beauty Products 7 copy

JUAN SAYS: Bakit nyo pa dinamay si Lord sa kalandian ninyo! Buwiset!

Beauty Products 8 copy

JUAN SAYS: Because on Wednesdays, we wear PINK!

Beauty Products 9 copy

JUAN SAYS: Wait a minute, I’d have to check my hole back there if it needs some bleachin’. If I could just reach it…

Beauty Products 10 copy

JUAN SAYS: We too are wondering what this is for. We’ve been sprayed upon before putting make up on. But we thought we could just wash our face instead.

Beauty Products 11 copy

JUAN SAYS: Use your index finger!

Beauty Products 12 copy

JUAN SAYS: Or nose pincher for that horrible smell.

Beauty Products 13 copy

JUAN SAYS: Because everything looks better in 3D!Beauty Products 14 copy

JUAN SAYS: Mahirap nga naman ang mahaba ang baba. Pag tumungo, tusok ang heart. Patay.

Beauty Products 15 copy

JUAN SAYS: Stem cell in a jar.

Beauty Products 16 copy

JUAN SAYS: Because some people can’t see white. Huh?

Beauty Products 17 copy

JUAN SAYS: So the pout doesn’t become fake.

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