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JUAN SAYS: Everyone is on Brian Poe’s case. Innocently posting on instagram has already been declared a crime by other media outlets pursuing the case of Grace Poe. Netizens are quick to equate the $15,000 shoe purchase to graft and corruption. Surely many of us have become paranoid of purchases of luxury items by the kin of politicians in question. Never mind if some of them have actually worked for it, sacrificed their allowances, summer breaks and the like, just to earn enough money to save up and buy the things that they like. Yeah, no matter how expensive. We understand the paranoia of many, especially after the rise of Jeanne Napoles who flaunted her extravagant lifestyle during the time when her mother was being questioned for graft and corruption. We would be too.


But as we read story after story about Brian Poe’s pair of Nike’s, we couldn’t help but notice that people have been too quick at branding the Poe’s. Even when Brian admitted that he got the pair for 10k, people would still equate it with stolen money. We are too quick to judge even when we too own bags and shoes that are priced more than that. We are too quick to assume that kids like Brian won’t be able to afford items like these, when we give our kids cellphones worth 30k or laptops worth much more.

Here is an eye opening commentary by Ira Panganiban.

Hypocrisy of Media and the Son of Poe

The attached story will show why hypocrisy is leading our nation down the spiraling path of inconsequentiality. (To read the story, click here)

Our media will focus on one item, in this case a son buying a million peso pair of shoes and question where he got the money. An allusion of corruption quickly follows the fact inside the report itself.

Nowhere does it say in the story that for an American, saving up for a $15,000 pair of kicks is just what they do. That to mow a lawn for 4 hours a day for 104 days at $10 gives them $4,160 during summer vacation.

And that American middle class kids are known to save up for years for something they want, encouraged by a system in place for decades now.

What we do is multiply the amount by 47.30, the current exchange rate and cry foul.
Now, right here, as I get to my point, I will declare that I do not believe Grace Poe is eligible to run for president. She abandoned her citizenship when it was convenient and re-acquired it for the same reason.

But for Poe’s son, the issue is irrelevant. The only reason it is news is because Philippine media feasts on the jealousy and greed of the Filipino. Instead of espousing positive moral messages, they feed on the negative feelings of the poor.

That a boy can buy a $15,000 pair of shoes is impossible, the news assumes to say. And yet some in the news business, the bosses and their kids walk around in Louie Vitton bags, Hermes scarfs and Prada shoes which are as, if not more, expensive.

Our media presumes to be the guardian of the nation’s moral character and yet those who own these media outlets strut around in their $2,500 jeans and $5,000 leathers.

And yes, come election and campaign period, they charge political candidates hundreds of thousands to millions of pesos in advertising fees to have these politicians send their messages across.

And then they dare question where these politicians get their wealth.

It is as if a politician or anyone running for public office must be dirt poor but they must still pay the millions the media demand to get a message across.

Where is the morality in that?

Don’t we ever question ourselves why we demand from an elective official that they spend for us and yet we condemn them for having the money for exactly that?

The hypocrisy is dizzying. So the son of Poe sports a million peso pair of shoes! Does that equate to him being a spoiled brat as our all mighty media would like us to believe?

Because if that is the truth, then guess who the spoiled brats of our society are!!!!


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