28 Oct You Call It Fubu, We Call It Friends With Benefits. Know The Difference.




JUAN SAYS: There lies a difference between terms, yet we speak of it callously thinking that these two have the same meaning. But if you really think about it and define each, there is a vast difference between the two – friends with benefits vs fuck buddy. So which would you rather have?

What do “friends with benefits” do?

How fuck buddies act:


1.    They will ask how your day was.


1. They will ask you how the sex was.
2.    They will make plans with you after the hook up.


2. They will text you at 1am on Saturday night for a booty call.



3.   They will go our for breakfast after the fact.


3. They won’t even stick around to see the sun come up.


4.    They know when your birthday is, what your favorite food is, and little details about your family.


4. Knows your favorite kama sutra position.

5.    They will notice your new haircut.


5. Doesn’t care about your new do, as long as it’s Brazilian all the way.

6.   They may ask you out prior to going all out.


6. Comes to you drunk and wouldn’t care less where you’ve been.

7.    Watching a movie is an option before, after or while hooking up.


7. As long as it’s porn baby porn!


8.    As the title suggests “friends,” you were present in each other’s lives prior to the initial hook up.


8. As the title suggests “fuck,” so it’s wham bam alacazam!


9.    You may run in the same circle, so chances are you may know each other’s friends and actually hang out with the group.


9. You are at a pole’s length away from his personal life.

10.You are the priority hook up.


10. You are a number on his speed dial.


11. There is a good chance that the relationship will escalate to better things.


11. It’s just sex or nothing.


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