26 Oct Would You Respond to His Ad?



JUAN SAYS: A newly singled runner decided to use his bare back as a moving billboard to advertise himself. It read: SINGLE / on Facebook / Steve Bergstrom. It has gotten him twelve facebook friend requests, decent chats from women and a date with one of the runners who also advertised herself with a placard. The success rate of scoring dates, meeting nice people when running in a marathon was quite decent. Sadly, this is all the way in Chicago.
But we are wondering, would any good looking guy do this in the Philippines? And would any girl come forward to add the cute guy on facebook and drop a simple: “Hi. I saw you running on my street. I saw your ad and I thought it was cute. No you were cute. Uh. Whatever.”
While we are all moving towards the direction of instant dates with a swipe of a finger, we still believe that Filipinos in general are back to the traditional ways of finding one true love. Many of us have done that and brought home all the heartbreaks, expecting to find the one in the wrong places has made us all too jaded even to believe in love.
But hey, we give two thumbs up for this guy’s creativity, and maybe some good looking eligible bachelor would dare run the streets of Manila, half-naked and looking for love. And yeah, some good women might just muster the courage to start everything. And maybe sparks would fly. Who knows? We just needed someone to do this right here.


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