23 Oct Women Ask: What would you do if you woke up to this?



JUAN SAYS: We saw this post by Heather Rose and we never really thought that such a trivial matter would matter to men. But upon seeing how some men would react to a blood stain on the bed, this got us thinking. The trivial things, and how people respond to it tells us a lot about their character, more than what they say or do. Read up. If your man cringes at the thought of your stains on the bed, then LEAVE him. No questions asked. What an ass****!
Post by Heather Rose:
So I saw this picture on Instagram the other day and it said “what would you do if you woke up to this?” And the first guy who commented really pissed me off. He said that he would be pissed as hell and that he would make her clean it up and hope it doesn’t stain because “that shits nasty”.
Are you kidding me??
If I had a girlfriend and woke up to this I would run to the bathroom, turn on a nice warm shower, wake her up and tell her to get undressed and have her sit in the shower for as long as she needed, take the blankets off of the bed and throw them and her clothes in the wash, get her some new clean clothes and a towel and throw them in the dryer for like 5 minutes so when she gets out she can be warm. And then I would make her a hot cup of tea and bring her as much junk food as she wanted. I would cuddle her, I would play with her hair, and I would give her endless massages.
“That shit” is not nasty. That is normal. That is life.


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