08 Aug Why difficult people matter



JUAN SAYS: Life is a mixture of allies and adversaries. Of course we absolutely adore our allies because they are our own personal cheerleaders. But an article we stumbled upon on The Elephant Journal teaches us the importance of both. (Read full story here.)
“Because allies and adversaries are mirrors. They each reveal different aspects of your soul.
Allies reveal those soul energies, inner qualities and perspectives that you’ve already embraced and integrated. Allies reflect and reinforce those energies. That’s why it feels good to be around allies. They amplify your connection to those aspects of yourself that you already appreciate, accept, and embrace. In the presence of allies, you feel affirmed.
Adversaries offer a different reflection.
They reveal those soul energies, inner qualities, and perspectives that you’ve yet to embrace and integrate. Adversaries reflect and reinforce the unresolved and unredeemed aspects of your soul. When they raise questions, cast doubt, and challenge your assumptions—you feel threatened, off-balance, on the defense.”
There’s a way to approach it in a way that will improve us instead of embitter us. The secret is to simply getting to know yourself and quash the demons within.
The more you practice with infusing the vulnerable, un-integrated places in your body/mind with loving-kindness—the more your relationship with outer adversaries changes.


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