09 Oct Why All the HATE?



JUAN SAYS: Here lies the problem, the Philippine Tatler may have overlooked the strong reactions of the netizens when they planned the cover of this month’s edition with Imee Marcos. Or maybe they did, and they are reaping the responses that they want from their general audience. After all, Tatler wouldn’t be Tatler if they didn’t know what they were doing. Bad publicity is still publicity. And no cover of Tatler to date has been widely talked about like this of Imee Marcos.
Tatler is a magazine with a very small niche market. It is a society magazine for the rich and the social climbing set. We can envision those who elbowed their way to that social circle jumping up and down like crazy maniacs when their pictures appear on the said magazine. Being on Tatler, to them means that they have made it. Never mind if those you are featured with, have a bad reputation amongst the circle, never mind if some of them are of questionable character. Never mind. As long as they are part of that circle, then that should be okay.
But today, Tatler is getting heat with the Imee cover.
If we look at it with fresh eyes, untainted by the Marcos past, Imee may very well deserve a cover on Tatler. As former magazine publishers, the choosing for the cover is almost ceremonial. Editors and publishers alike discuss potential names and the reasons behind why such a magazine would put a certain personality on its cover. Each cover potential is weighed – the pros and cons on the magazine’s image, the buzz that it might generate, and the income that it should bring to the company.
Surely, Tatler has done its due diligence when they picked Imee. They have weighed the options and understood the buzz it continues to create. And we would like to believe that for Tatler alone, this cover is a huge success. Kayo na ang biglang maging laman ng facebook posts ng mga tao. Tutal hindi naman talaga ang Tatler ang hinugusgahan ng karamihan kungdi ang babaeng nasa harapan ng magazine na ito.
As for Imee’s end, what better way to make a comeback by landing a cover of THE Philippine Tatler. She just made her way on top of the societal heap.
What then makes Imee Marcos so cover worthy that Philippine Tatler took a huge risk with this cover? We would have understood it better if Imee achieved the “looking great at 60” tagline with sheer hard work. We would have been more accepting of the cover if Imee was known to promote a wholistic healthy lifestyle. Netizens would have been more forgiving if Imee, no matter if she is a Marcos, would be a cause of celebration even for women. A breast cancer survivor? A know supporter of women’s rights? Pero hindi eh. Wala talaga.
But as clear as our eyes can see, her looking great is NOT about that, but moreso a series of plastic surgeries done to make her looking young. And what is so wrong with that you may ask? Sa totoo lang, wala naman talaga tayong pakialam sa pagpapagawa ng mga mukha at katawan ng mga tao.
However, how she looks today via “salamat po doktor” has elicited grave comments from the netizens, and this time, it is not just about an overtly made nose.
If we remember it correctly, upon the arrival of the Marcos family from exile, Madame Imelda has repeatedly declared that they have lost all their fortune, and that they were living with the generous help from friends. Next thing we knew, the Marcos children were already back in office, and ruling the Ilocos region. Imelda was back down south.
After years of shunning out the limelight, Imee appears on the cover of a society magazine, all made up from face to toe, literally. This has surely made many people ask, how then could she afford to have her face done with the meager salary of a governor? How can she afford to look THAT WAY if the claims of her mother were to be believed. And that timing. This cover was perfectly timed with the announcement of Bong Bong Marcos bid for the Vice Presidential race, aligning himself with the more popular presidential candidate Rody Duterte.
Are the Marcoses back in power? Is this the second wind of the most powerful political family in the history of the Philippines?


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