17 Oct Who the Hell Set the Bar That Made The Templates For Weddings?



JUAN SAYS: Don’t get us wrong, we love weddings. We still attend weddings of friends and family members for the simple reason that we are there to show our support for their union. And what we are about to write doesn’t mean that we hate weddings altogether. 


Many things about weddings has got us thinking. Who the hell set that bar for weddings to have templates? There must be a checklist somewhere tucked inside the wedding coordinator’s utility bag that made weddings this complicated. We get a save the date refrigerator magnet, then we get an invitation. We see the bride (all brides for that matter) walk down the aisle starting behind closed church doors with matching smoke machine at the back. Really? All brides have the same dream wedding that it has now become a template for every wedding there is?

Why can’t brides wear red? Blue? Green? Why do they have to wear white and the shades there of? And why does it have to be a bridal gown? And why does the bridal gown have to cost somewhere near a car’s down payment? Seriously, even the richest of us do not understand the total waste of money spent on weddings?

Engagement rings? Why do they have to be the biggest stone that anyone can find? Can’t it be just a special room in your future house converted to a well, library if you are a book worm, a karaoke bar, or a mini-dance studio? Why do we have to pose in cut out letters during reception? And why would anyone want their names splattered across the room for everyone to have their pictures taken with?

We don’t understand. We really don’t get the wedding template? And yeah, the shot list? The onsite-same-day editing? What’s with all that?

Weddings are supposed to be sacred. It is the union of two individuals in the eyes of God and men. It is not for show. Never for show. Weddings today have become a circus of sorts, and in our opinion, it has lost its sanctity. Brides go crazy about their dresses, the wedding invitations, the dance, the whole wedding program that often times they (the couple) have lost focus on what is really important. Weddings have become exorbitantly priced that it has evolved to becoming a business, a money making scheme where the gifts must and should equal the spending. It definitely needs an ROI if you are spending more than a million for a day. Why throw that much money, when you can save it for the many things that you will be needing when you start your life together. Why all the grandiose executions for people you barely know? Why would it matter?

We still don’t get it. 

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