28 Nov Who is that Girl I see, staring straight back at me…



JUAN SAYS: We wanted to write a more empowering story and say that you are beyond what your circumstances say that you are today. But heck where is the fun in all that? We’d rather make you see what we see and how many have reflections of what tomorrow brings. You can be inspired to be the best that you can be, or just be a notch level than what you are doing today. Ang magnanakaw noon, corrupt official na ngayon. Parang ganyan. Parang ganyan lang. 


Reflection 1 copy

Reflection 6 copy

JUAN SAYS: How the masses loved the tandems of Guy ‘en Pip, Vi ‘en Bot, is how they are lovin’ the #Aldub couple, 3 decades hence.

Reflection 4 copy

JUAN SAYS: the Pabebe girls of today, through the help of social media and television are the next socialites of tomorrow, landing on the covers of magazines for the elite. Standards today are very different from yesterday. Breeding and pedigree no longer play a key role in society. Stardom does. No matter what basura they did to make the climb. Makes us scared of the next generation!

Reflection 3 copy

JUAN SAYS: We no longer care about integrity and honesty when selecting our public officials. Basta may cake sa senior citizens, go na lang ng go. Officials no longer value their passion to serve the people. They run for their own gain. Period.

Reflection 2 copy

JUAN SAYS: With many Pinoy talents making it abroad, it makes us wonder why can’t they make it in their own native land? Have we forgotten what talent is all about?


Reflection 5 copy

JUAN SAYS: And there will be Pinoys who will put themselves at par with international celebrities/hosts/talents without cringing at their thoughts. Patibayan na lang talaga ng sikmura!

Reflection 7 copy

JUAN SAYS: And there is that impossible dream. Wag mawalan ng pag-asa, lahat ng bagay nagagawan na nang paraan ng siyensiya. Ang lawit nagiging bibingka, dahil ramdam nilang bibingka silang nagkalawit. Ang matanda nagmumukhang bata, sa kakabatak ng mukha. Tandaan, kahit ang kabayo, naging mukhang tao din.

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