06 May When what we see is not exactly what we get



Steven Furtick was once quoted saying that our reality is often defined by our own perception of reality. This means that when we see things, people, and situations we never see them for what they are but rather what we are.
Our own ideals, life experiences, and insecurities define the world around us. So when we see situations, we see it from the lenses of who we are and rarely the way another person is.
When it comes to judging people (which we all do, intentionally or not), we define them in a way that we define ourselves. It’s very rare (or it takes time) to really look at a person and see them for who they are, beyond our own prejudice and preconceived notions.
We overthink and over analyze situations but the truth is, we’ll never know about the other side until we live their lives. Until we sit down with them, get to know them, and really sift through their thoughts, we will never know them or their intentions. As a certified segurista, I often analyze a situation from all possible angles before diving in without realizing that’s just my take on things and not necessarily what it really is.
But it never is what we think it is so might as well respect people’s personal spaces and let live. Appreciate what people can offer and be grateful.
It’s time to stop imprisoning ourselves with thoughts that weaken us. Believe the best in people, it will never cost you.


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