02 May When Tim Yap Went Beyond Stupid



JUAN SAYS: Beauty pageants are the basketball games of the women and the women at heart. When competitions come to play, everybody stops, sits in front of the television and holds their phones on their hands. Twitter was such a frenzy last night that reading the tweets were more entertaining than waiting for the pageant to end.


Just like any other pageant lover, eventologist Tim Yap did get have his phone on hand all right and participated in tweeting about #BbPilipinas2017. What was supposedly an innocent tweet turned out to be a feeding frenzy for annoyed netizens on twitter last night.


Some of the girls don’t look like they come from the province they represent, read his tweet. And what does he mean by that? We believe that twitterdom also found it perplexing to read such a tweet but instead of asking the right question, they provided him with the answers.

But really, we couldn’t make any sense of Tim’s tweet. What was he expecting the girls from the provinces to look like? What does a probinsyana actually looks like? Is there a stereotypical look for one? Are they supposed to look like, well, what? Are they dark skinned with round and flat noses? Is he saying that they should look like the exotics who prowl the streets of Burgos, Quezon Ave and hang around Café Havana? What does he mean, we are actually interested. But then again, we do not want to put words into his seemingly innocent tweet.


Parang nabigla lang kasi eh. Parang oooops, what the fuck did I just tweet?!

Probinsyanas if anything are pretty in their own right. We believe that many of them are mixed blood like many of us in Manila. They have parents who come from a Spanish descent and some of them have foreigners for fathers. There is no stereotype when it comes to probinsyanas especially nowadays when Pinays are going global. Beautiful is beautiful regardless of ethnicity. Sa panahon ngayon, nagkakatalo na lang talaga ang lahat sa Q&A portion. Yun na.

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