21 Feb When Art Became A Photo Wall for a Selfie



JUAN SAYS: The circus just got out of town and what remains is the glitter that was. Glitter, as they say, do not necessarily emanate from gold. And gold? We couldn’t find any basing on the many visitors of Art Fair Philippines 2017. 


We know many of them have purchased and chosen the clothes, bags, shoes and whatever else they had on as they strutted the aisle of the three-story exhibit area of Art Fair Philippines. Many come like yesterday’s trash, donning yesterday’s trash and acting like well… yesterday’s trash. Indeed Art Fair Philippines has evolved to be the next destination of climbers, wanna be’s and those who are hungry for selfies. 

Art Fair is a trade fair, a place to showcase any artist’s work for buyers to take a look at hoping that their works would sell or it could capture the eye of collectors who would want to commission them. We’d like to believe that the latter should be the objective of every artist on display at the art fair because no true collector would take one from the bunch. NO. Especially when “yesterday’s trash” have taken selfies with it.

And just like any circus, it wouldn’t be complete without clowns. Inconsiderate people trooped to the art fair to have their selfies taken, using the works of art as their backdrop. Alam no yun, parang turista lang?! Some even went as far as changing clothes in the middle of their pictorial. That was really tacky of them. But then again, so were the many others who were there just to see and be seen. It has become the destination of the climbers and the tacky. 

We find them disrespectful of the artists who displayed their works. We find them tasteless for not respecting the artworks nor appreciating them for what they are. It’s called art fair for crying out loud. The stars of the show were the works on display, and not you, pretentious bitches. 

We don’t get this. We really don’t. 

So here is what we’ve learned from Art Fair 2017: “how to climb higher than high:”

  1. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. 
  2. Choose your wardrobe carefully. Skim through the internet and see how artists look like. Use the hipster outfit as default mode if you can’t find any peg for the occasion.
  3. Choose a louder than a loudspeaker piece of ‘pandiin’ accessory. The bigger the logo, the better. LV is out. Pang-japayuki daw. Hermes is IN! Dionesia kung Dionesia ang climb. If LV is the signature brand of japayukis then Hermes it is for the fucking climber.
  4. Bring a second set of outfit. Make it plain so as to make a perfect contrast to the works on display.
  5. Ask your pretentious photographer friend to tag along. Tell him this would be good for his portfolio.
  6. Now pose with the artwork. As in pose like there is no fucking tomorrow. You live only once so make sure you’ve done it. YOLO is the way to go. 
  7. Talk about the art with emotions as if you and the artwork are one. Yup lang, kahit aka Hermes ka hindi mo talaga afford.
  8. Make sure to use the words: visual energy, intimate, suggestive, dynamic, engages, visual language, space, challenging, moment. Interject in all conversations para kunyari may alam ka sa art.
  9. Shamelessly post it on Facebook. Make sure to tag JUAN para buo lang araw mo, at was na wasak ang unidoro ng banyo namin sa pagsusuka sa selfie mo.
  10. #PunyetaKa
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