15 Apr What’s Forever For?



Ano nga ba talaga ang forever?
For quite some time now, I have been coming across multiple hashtags, quotations, and memes relating to forever. In fact, even horrible EDSA traffic has been attributed to forever, with a point of course, and I couldn’t help but wonder where this obsession came from.
It seems as if every hugot post is attributed to wanting something to last longer than its intended shelf life and if we don’t make something last, we turn its embittered Facebook leeches who can’t seem to get over the fact that some things just don’t last.
Now I know for coming of age lovebirds, this can be quite the radical, bitter pill to swallow, however, isn’t it the reality? Delaying the acceptance of it doesn’t change the reality.
The truth is we live in a seasonal world. Even the Bible says that there is a season for everything, a season for joy, for hellos, for sadness and goodbyes. A big part of being human is understanding this. And yet, based on my own personal experiences and what I observed of those around me, people seem to have a difficult time understanding this concept. We ruin the beauty of a moment because even before it ends, we’re already wondering how to make it stay.
We think that in order for love to be significant, it has to last. But isn’t loving alone significant enough? Isn’t sharing moments and getting to do life with people enough? Why must we constantly control the timings of our lives? Why can’t we simply understand that it not lasting doesn’t take anything away from it? That it doesn’t make it less real or less impactful than what it was.
You can meet a person, spend a day with them, and be changed forever while at the same time, you can also spend a lifetime with another and yet they never awaken your heart the way that it’s supposed to.
It’s not about how long things last, it’s about how they made you feel and how they change you for the better. Instead of feeling embittered about how things ended, be humble enough to accept that some things just don’t work out.
Simply say thank you for the time, be grateful for the memories, and simply believe that in the right time, it will happen again.



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