02 Apr What We Have Turned Celebs To Be



JUAN SAYS: We found this short post written by a celebrity herself Kat Alano on her facebook fanpage, and we couldn’t agree more. With the onslaught of internet celebrities like the late Jam Sebastian and girlfriend Mich Liggayu, the sexy model/actress Ellen Adarna, and the phenomenon that is Kris Aquino – we now tend to ask ourselves, what have we made celebrities into?
What is a celebrity?
A celebrity is someone who is famous, known by the public, a person who is CELEBRATED by others.
Perhaps it is time we realized that the nature of our celebrities are a reflection of the poor choices we make in what we decide to celebrate.
We worship those who are good at manipulation, who lie and pretend to make money off of people who wish to become them. We idolize celebrities to the point of obsession, clamoring for their attention, spending thousands to look exactly like them, follow their every move and state our opinions about everything they do as if we knew the truth from staring at them in a magazine.
We chastise people for being sexual but then idolize rapists, stare at half nude pictures of men and women in the streets, spend on crazy fads and diets to have a chance to one day be able to be a half nude model in one of those billboards. The prettier you are the better, the whiter you are the more respect you beget and the more money you have? Well, you are like a god.
There are issues all over this country and instead of taking any moment or using any of the resources they have, only a FEW ‘celebrities’ in this country have even TRIED to say or do anything good. Publicized charity once a year counts only in their minds and in the minds of their fans. Our country needs help everyday.
Pressure from the public encourages celebrities to continue their quest for never ending idolatry from others. Always trying to look better, to out do each other, to out perform each other in shows and publicity, but as their fans, why not pressure them instead to do good? Stop telling them how fat or ugly they are. Stop criticizing the way they speak or the way they have their relationships. Instead encourage them to
 do good deeds, tell them how you need their help and how much good they could do with the reach that they have. The more we celebrate people who inspire change, the more the people will be inspired to change themselves.
It took George Clooney marrying a smart woman (Amal Alamuddin) for the world to suddenly say ‘being attractive AND SMART is the way to be.’
Find those who can help you make your voices heard. Instead of chasing stars and worshipping looks that fade with time, find those who will stand for you.
In celebrating only the superficial we have taught the younger generations nothing about how to have substance. They try so hard to twerk, be sexy enough to post nude pictures and have sexual relationships because it’s ‘cool’. These are the people who are taking over from us.
Choose the kind of world you want to live in. Nothing changes if the change doesn’t come from us.



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