30 May What the fuck kids! What the fuck!?!



JUAN SAYS: As a disclaimer, we would like to say that we are not your typical titas of manila. We are very liberal with our choices and we choose not to comment on the behavior of the younger generation because just like us before, they are also finding their way in the world in whatever way they see fit. However, this particular video DROVE US TO THE BRINK OF INSANITY.
Ang unang unang pumasok sa isip namin eh, asan ba ang mga magulang nitong mga batang ito? At pangalawa, BAKIT? We understand the importance of being spontaneous and “yolo-ing” but why must these children be extremely reckless? Tasteless? And as if there is nothing more important in this world than their carnal pleasures. Ano tayo aso? Strike anywhere. Sa kalsada, sa bar, sa likod ng bahay, sa may basurahan?
Most young children living in the moment may not understand this concept but the internet NEVER forgets. It can be deleted, sure, but it will NEVER be deleted entirely. It’s fun to drink and kiss random strangers, God knows we have done that too, but we did it in the comforts and privacy of our world. We didn’t have to worry about it going viral or being passed around.
While it’s fun to have fun just for the sake of it, it’s important to understand that there are many things you can’t undo when you finally want to be a decent human being. Youngsters should be more responsible in “yolo-ing” because aside from the possibility of it going viral, it can also be dangerous. I can only imagine this young girl being drunk beyond recognition. She may have even done things she wouldn’t have done if she was sober.
Also, about these boys. We don’t even know where to begin. Who raised you to be such dogs? (We extremely apologize to dog lovers and the dogs themselves to our allusion. Please send us a message if you can think of a better term to describe these assholes). Do you think it’s okay to just CLOBBER over women like idiots and NO SHE DIDN’T ASK FOR IT EVEN IF SHE WAS DRUNK. These men are plain and simple pigs! Bet they are those guys who are like doormats, they hang around “cool chicks” because in reality they can’t even get a girl on their own. Ganun sila kapangit. Ganun sila ka-lala. Ganun sila kawalang kwentang tao! No self-respecting man would even think of doing this to a girl no matter how drunk she is (nor drugged she is), because real men know that sexual abuse and rape is NOT cool. Not cool at all. Aso lang talaga ang gumagawa ng ganito. Hayup kayo! Photos of this nature show men feasting on a girl. Taena hindi na kayo nandiri sa sarili nyo? Walang kalaban laban ang babae pinagdiskitahan ninyo? At sa tingin ninyo sikat kayo niyan? Macho na kayo niyan? We’d swear on our mother’s grave that men like these will never find a self-respecting girl to marry them, much less take them seriously when they are older. RAPISTS ARE PIGS. Baboy kayo! BABOY!
We don’t wish to take the fun out of this generation because you know how to do a great deal of it, but our only plea is for you to be responsible. Growing up doesn’t mean more license to be carefree but to actually grow in to the person you want to be.
So the next time you make reckless decisions, ask yourself this: are you becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be? Or ask yourself that age old question: will my actions and reactions matter in 5 to 10 years time? YES IT WILL. Sadly, you have those photos to prove it.
(To read the story about the photo above, click here).


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