08 Feb What many Muslims do not understand


JUAN SAYS: We have been accused of dipping in our fingers too much on the issues pertaining to the peace problem in Mindanao. Many Mindanaons have said that it would only take somebody from Mindanao to truly understand the problems pertaining to Mindanao. It may be true, however, aren’t they Filipinos too? Whatever happens in Mindanao may not directly affect the people from Luzon and Visayas, but it creates unrest, and yes, we from the northern part of the country, are interested in whatever happens to our brothers from the South, Muslim man o Kristyano. Funny, with the clamor on the passing of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (or the suspension of its hearings), we do not hear the voice of which this Law will directly hit. Where are the peace-loving Muslims? Aren’t they supposed to have a say too?
Our disappointments, in general, with our government with the SAF 44, and how they handled the whole situation goes beyond the killing fields of Mindanao, nor is it just about our president’s lack of empathy for the troops who died and their families as shown when he decided to attend the opening of a car manufacturing plant rather than receive the bodies of the fallen in Villamor, some two weeks ago. Our anger and dismay goes beyond his categorical non-admittance that what happened in Mamasapano is indeed his command responsibility, because unlike Kris Aquino, we know that some things are bigger than us.
We chanced upon this video of how a panelist answered the question of one Muslim on the perception that Muslims are terrorists when 75 percent of Islam followers are all significance. Why are we zeroing on these terrorists? Why is the world bent on annihilating them? And why can’t we just fight the jihadist ideology with an ideology of love and peace? Is war really the answer?


 Brigitte Gabriel’s Answer

That Will Shut Up

Every Muslim in The World

Everyone knows that the majority of Muslims are not Radical but Brigitte Gabriel has a different approach that will leave you speechless.



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