27 May What is so wrong with this picture?



JUAN SAYS: This is a very sad story, not because DSWD sought for the identity of the mother of the child and took the child in custody pending the investigation of the “sanity” of the mother, and the living conditions of the child. This is a sad story, not because “holier-than-thou” Facebook warriors made this photo viral and hurled criticisms on the mother. This is a sad story because you just don’t tie you kid with a leash, make him seem to act like an animal to the point of letting him eat on a dog dish. It gave us chills that the mother even found this funny. To the many citizens of this country, it is NOT funny, not at all. Call us “holier-than-thou” we don’t care. But what got to us was that this wasn’t exactly an accidental thing, the act of tying the neck of the kid on a leash and everything else that came with it was deliberate obviously. Why would one do that to a kid? Why would any sane person make a kid simulate a dog and call him a pet just for kicks? Kasi walang laban ang bata. Wala pa sa tamang isip para magbigay ng consent. Kasi hindi pa niya alam ang ginagawa niya. Kaya sa pakiramdam ng marami, maling mali ang ginawa ng ina. I-post pa sa facebook. Anong cute doon?
And you know what is the saddest part? The very person whom everyone would expect to protect the rights of the child, the very person whom we all expect to treat him with much care, love, and yes, even respect, is the very person who “thought it was funny.”
And now the mother plays the “let God be my judge card?” Geez. She went further by posting “Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean,” she wrote.
She is 23 years old. But no, being a young mother still isn’t an excuse. Even stupidity. So help you God!
We would like to solicit your comments on why you think this was wrong or why you think this was okay. Please put your comments below so you can help us make a bigger article out of this.


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