03 Sep What drugs are you on? Can we have some?



JUAN SAYS: The shitty things we do will always end up on facebook. And when it gets to be uploaded in social networking sites, the fire is ignited and the flames are fanned. We saw this post on facebook and it has been shared countless times by friends and non-friends who will never take a bragging person sitting down. We tried to ignore it, but the messages on our own facebook chats are over flowing. WE JUST WON’T LET THIS PASS.
We all know that JUAN won’t take this sitting down as well, especially if a good number of people are inconvenienced by someone’s lack of apathy or empathy for others. Especially if guards, janitors, salesladies who are asking you nicely, are being looked down upon with how you respond. Pinapatupad lang nila ang trabaho nila. Especially after the horrendous traffic in EDSA which is a larger scale of this exactly. Again, just like the INC debacle, THE LAW EXCUSES NO ONE. Kahit na may-ari ka pa ng Ayala Alabang. We don’t do that. We rich people who own the whole Philippines, just don’t do that. (Hold on, Sisa is taking her pills now, she too is hallucinating.)
Seriously though, have you ever heard of any of the real rich people like the Zobels, Ayalas or the Sys saying stuff like what this person said? Have you ever heard of stories that they were involved in an altercation that has led them to talk down on anyone by saying: “don’t you know who I am? I OWN FUCKING MAKATI, MOA, etc. etc.” You don’t. Because the rich people don’t need to tell you who they are, because they KNOW who they are. The real rich people DO NOT NEED to prove themselves to anyone, because they know their place in society. And most importantly, they have BREEDING! Saan ba nakakabili ng breeding at maibili nga ang isang ito! Bad trip siya. Bad trip!
Yes we do hate this woman’s guts, and the entitlement that goes with her statements. Nakakaloka nga naman ang marinig na siya ang mayari ng Ayala Alabang. When we know for a fact that she doesn’t. Illusions of grandeur? Ito naman, nasabi lang sa address mo na “Ayala Alabang Village,” ikaw na agad ang may-ari? Kahit sa gilid ka lang nakatira? Magkano bili mo teh? What drugs are you on? Can we have some?
We don’t know what went into her head that she caused traffic in Alabang Town Center, maybe she was having PMS? Maybe she was having a really bad day? Worse, maybe she forgot her meds! Nakakaawa naman si ate, kayo talaga pinagpyestahan niyo pa!
But a bad day is not an excuse to be rude. A bad day isn’t our license to cause traffic in the driveway of Alabang Town Center. Hindi tayo INC! Biglang magra-rally sa EDSA because of some tantrum fit! We don’t go on bullying the guards and the people around us just because you are having it bad. And what do you do with bullies? You stand up against them. So here it is.
DINAH dear, please take your meds. Calm down, and no honey, you don’t own Ayala Alabang, as much as we own the entire Philippines. Everybody who knows you, knows that! So shut your mouth dear. Your episodes have gone too far. Again, shut up and have a nice life!


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