28 Jul Welcome to the Future Pabebe Girls



By Sisa Zaragoza
If you are one of the blessed few who until today do know anything about the Pabebe girls, do yourself a favor and close this link immediately. Ignorance is bliss. You have been saved from those annoying teeners who speak with an unbelievable high decibel in a purring voice that can almost make you whack them in the face thinking that they are stray cats in heat. Seriously, we are appalled by the culture that this generation has introduced in their short lifetimes. Remember Mich Liggayu of the Jamich fame? Remember how we got confused on how she was reacting, videotaping everything while her then boyfriend was almost dying? Yep, we’d like to think that it’s her that started this phenomenon of irritation. And with our singlehood, it really makes us glad that we are still childless, daughter-less at that, to date.
Imagine our horrors when we saw these “wala-kayong-pakialam” girls on TV firstly being imitated by Kim Chui and Alex Gonzaga, and then guesting on Magandang Gabi Vice, and then again meeting Kim Chui and Alex Gonzaga on yesterday’s asap. Seeing them on mainstream television surely made us uncomfortable.
We really don’t get this. We don’t get it how mainstream media would incorporate them in shows, giving them the time of day when we all very well know (or are we just assuming bitches who always think that mainstream media would have the decency to feed us with content that is worth the airtime?) that what these pabebe girls are espousing is exactly NOT we want the future of our society to be. As ace photographer Raymund Isaac best puts it in his facebook post:
There are a lot of good role models in the country, the problem is that the majority refuses to identify them because we are brainwashed to think that popular culture should rule. I myself to this date, refuse to click on their video because it empowers them. I repeat. Do no give them power. You hold the key to their success or failure.Di ka uso? eh di unique ka, isn’t that what we all want to be?
We have tried to ignore talking about these Pabebe mentality of very young women for the very reason that we do not wish to glorify their actions. We tried to ignore, seriously. But this is really getting out of hand.
Come to think of it, the rise of the “pabebes” isn’t just today. In fact, there were pabebes of our time (ok we are in our 30s), and they are still pabebes until today. Again, there are also a good number of pabebes who are in their 20s wearing the badge of being pa-cute and pa-girl, “damsels in freaking distress” when all they really want is A. ATTENTION B. getting money without working for it.
As we have said in the title of this article: “Welcome to your future Pabebe Girls!” We have chanced upon this article on the internet entitled “What’s It Really Like To Date A Sugar Daddy,” and our mind zeroes in on the Pabebes of this generation and the next. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why we hate the Pabebes so much. They so remind us of the girls we wanted to slap and kick when we were younger just because they were really the exact anti-thesis of what we stood for.
We are no feminists nor do we take our causes to the streets. Heck we don’t go to the streets to lobby for women because we don’t exactly believe in EVERYTHING that they are saying. Sure we support equality in the work place and we fight for discrimination and sexual advances on women both in and out of the offices, but our politics ends there. And that isn’t a bad thing.
We believe that we, men and women alike, are gifted with talents, skills and opportunities. We believe that everyone has the innate will to live, make a living by using whatever talent, skill and grabbing the opportunities that are laid before all us. We still believe in the simplistic moral doctrines that our society dictates, and that which our parents have taught us. Women like us do NOT appreciate the catcalls, and there have been countless times when we wanted to plant our sharp elbows to the face of construction workers, security guards etc. who we knew whispered behind our backs, looked at us like a piece of mean, and some went to the extent of whistling while we walked by. But would you believe that there are girls who would appreciate this kind of attention?
To put it simply, there will be girls who LOVE the attention, period, especially if it is coming from the opposite sex. It is to them, the validation of their existence as women and as human beings. To be frank, their having vaginas is what makes them well, them. Never mind the brain, the morals, the skills and talents, because in their heads, they have none. They only have their faces and their vaginas to work for them, and nothing more.
While we used to be so mad about girls like these, those who slash down everything that we have stood up for as women, we couldn’t help but shift our feelings – from anger to pity. And like what we have been made to understand: believe them when they tell you who they are.
We have worked and befriended women like these, and we have been irked and irritated by the many times they have manipulated men (and even us their women friends too) into getting what they want from us – favors, money, and to some, even drugs. At one time, a former girl friend went out with a guy, in her head she called it a date. At one point we were able to ask the guy if they were indeed dating. And his only response was a cold laugh. He further explained that this girl saw him while working out, they got to talk and the girl suggested that she wanted a cupcake. The cupcake store was right in front of the gym where they were working out, so the guy said: “ok let’s go there then.” And upon payment, the girl didn’t make an attempt to pay for the cupcake, so the guy, being the gentleman that he was just paid for P80 cupcake. And this pabebe girl called it “A DATE.”
While we wanted to judge the girl and say, “sa halagang P80 hindi ka makabili ng sarili mong cupcake at kinailangan mo pang umeffort at lumandi ng lalaki para lang maka-kain ng cupcake?” But today, we begin to realize, “baka nga walang perang pambili ng cupcake?” Nakakaawa diba?
Some girls go as far as flirting and befriending unsuspecting guys, (those losers that can’t get a girl on their own), and uses their cars to get well, anywhere. Gawin bang driver ang mga kawawang lalaki. Yes they do that, because they can. And in their heads there is nothing wrong with using people and loving things, when it should be the other way around.
Then there are those who’d engage in sex in exchange for favors and money. And the funny part is, they feel bullied when they are called a whore. Eh ano ba naman kasi ang tawag mo doon? Any sexual favor for money or material things is called prostitution. It doesn’t need to be consensual, and it is supposed to be without feelings attached. And that makes it whoring.
While we do not wish to generalize the pabebes of the next generation, we can’t help but compare them to how the pabebes of this generation are living. And how they have come to live these lives of manipulation and vaginal-based work ethic is the simple reason that they grew up thinking that these are the only things they have – their faces and their vaginas. They pout whenever their fathers scold them, and they get their way. They pout and smile to male teachers when they get failing marks in school, and they get a make-up project to make their grades higher. Unlike bitches, they do not work hard nor do they have to elbow their way to the top to be able to purchase what they have now – houses, shoes, bags, etc. – with some form of dignity. Because to them, this is all a days work. I got the goods and you want them. Then show me the money. And it is as simple as that. And we would like to agree with you, you shouldn’t apologize for how you choose to survive.
So if people call you puta, please embrace it, because that is what you are. Be proud of it. Wear a shirt that says PUTA all over it. Pag ginawa mo, panindigan mo. Yan ang hirap sa atin eh, magkakalat tayo at pag nag-iba ang tingin sa inyo ng tao, you cry foul. You shit around and when people pass by and cringe or pinch their noses from the awful smell, you call them bitches. Yan tayo eh. Yan tayo!
And we believe you. Unlike before that we used to judge you for being brainless, we now believe you. Not all women are created equal. If anything, there is justice in this world. You got the physical goods, and bitches got both – physical goods (not all though) the talent, the skills, the opportunities and the brains to make it. Poor you, boo-hoo.
We are tired of you. We are tired of standing up for women who do not want to stand up for themselves, worse they even become what we all have been fighting against, because it is easier, because it is more convenient to succumb to the norm than to stand up for something.


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