12 Jul Watch this dog’s video, it will remind you of someone or maybe a bit of yourself



JUAN SAYS: This video is more than just about rescuing dogs. If you watch it closely, this will remind us of certain people in our lives, or maybe it will show us a little bit of ourselves. Just like the dog Clarabelle, we have all braved the streets of life, putting up a facade that we can strut our stuff and bark away everything broke us and scares us. But there will be certain things, in case of this dog the sound of the train passing, that will remind us of what it felt like to be in that not-so-good or otherwise traumatic past that can send us running, cowering and protecting ourselves by shutting everyone out because that is the best way we knew how to survive. But no matter what the damage, no matter how broken we all are on the inside, we are hoping that there will be people who care enough to draw us out of our hiding places. We are wishing for people to come into our lives to tear down the walls that we have built around us. It will take time, just like the man who rescued this dog, enough time and courage to make damaged people trust again. If you see how this man patiently led the dog out of her hiding place, holding her hand, gaining her trust. Not withstanding the fear of being bitten by Clarabelle, the man patiently waited for the dog to calm down and step by step, took her out of the dark. The point here is the man gave the effort, the love and assurance that the dog needed to come out and be free.
While many of us think that tough love is the way to get through damaged people, from this video, we might be able to get a glimpse of the “other side of the story” so to speak. Tough love isn’t always the right way to go, no matter how much we think these people need it. In truth, the strategy to draw people out, make them understand and let themselves free is dependent on the extent of the damage that their past has done to them. Sadly, some are irreparable, while others will take more from us than just a simple in-your-fucking-face scolding. Because some people are more damaged than they think they are, than WE think they are. Some people are more scared no matter the tough facade they put up, and it takes a lot of sensitivity and understanding to know just that. Most damaged people need so little from us, the time and the effort to make them feel assured that it is OK to trust again, come out and be free.
We let dogs roam the streets beating them then shooing them away. And by giving unsolicited “tough love,” we do the same to damaged people. They need us more than we think they do.


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