02 Oct Tuwad na Daan: How to Spot a Trapo



JUAN SAYS: What is so wrong with this picture? NOTHING. That is according to the Congressman in question – Laguna Representative Benjamin Agarao in a phone interview with reporters yesterday. Photos of his 58th birthday and the celebration of his 40 years in public service which was laced with scantily clad women, twerking and dancing in suggestive positions, circulated the internet yesterday. It was first reported that these sexy performers were gifts from MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino which the congressman vehemently denied.
Truly, there is nothing wrong with the picture. A picture as it is, is just a visual representation of events that transpired during a certain period of time. But what is truly wrong is how this congressman thinks. Trapong trapo lang talaga!


Agarao: “Depende yan sa appreciation. Katulad ko, lalaking lalaki ako, hindi ako masasagwaan. Diyan nga sa Maynila, mayroon pa ngang sumasayaw sa hawla. Sa probinsya, luluwa pa nga ang mata, walang malisya. Dito sa Metro Manila, marami pa ngang congressman inaabot ng umaga diyan,”
Agarao said.

JUAN SAYS: Clearly, this congrassman doesn’t get the point. Girlie bars are different. You go inside a girlie bar to experience just that, may you be a public official or not. But do you go to a birthday party and expect women to make a spectacle out of a supposedly respectable political official? There is a place and time for everything. You don’t scratch your itch in public do you? You do in the privacy of a restroom, a bathroom where you are all alone. And as a congressman sir, do you think that making a sexual spectacle out of yourself or the people who attended your party is commendable? Wow! Just wow!
And if we interpret his words correctly, isn’t he saying that people from the provinces are so sexually charged that the sight of a woman in bikini would send their libidos in overdrive? Sir, hindi po lahat ng probinsyano MANYAK!

PG18 The video of the LP event with the girls of MMDA chair Francis Tolentino Are these the kind of people we are going to elect from the Liberal Party?

Posted by Josemari Gonzalez on Thursday, October 1, 2015

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