18 Mar TONI GONZAGA apologizes. PNoy should follow suit.



JUAN SAYS: We commend Toni Gonzaga for making the necessary apologies for her hosting stint last Sunday at the Bb. Pilipinas coronation night. We were amongst those who felt that something wasn’t quite right with the way she handled the whole program that evening.


“To those who were not pleased and to those na siyempre nagkaroon ng national debate kung nagustuhan po ba nila o hindi nila nagustuhan ang napanood nila, siyempre po do’n po muna sa hindi natuwa and hindi naibigan ang napanood nila nong Sunday, I am humbly asking for an apology kung I have offended or I have hurt anyone of you but it was never my intention because prior to the show I was instructed po to make the show fun, light and ease the tension especially in the Q and A portion,” she said. “So it was never my intention, again, it was instructed for me to host that way, to make it lively and fun of course in the spirit of the celebration of Binibining Pilipinas coronation night and ‘yun po siguro ‘yung stand ko don.”

It was one big lesson not just for Toni but for us too — pageant enthusiasts, normal people. Now we understand that anything and everything must be rightfully placed. An awards night like the Oscars can have tons of mockery and it will sound all right, while a pageant won’t. Though both can be considered as red carpet events, the atmosphere is very different. In awards night like the Oscars, it feels okay and acceptable to ridicule the winners, the nominee and even the host for the reason that this event is for entertainment. Comedy is very much a part of this industry and accepted with open arms. While pageants can be a form of entertainment (women and women-at-heart cheering for their favorite beauty and brains contestants; men on the other hand look for camel-toes – men: wag na kayong plastic!), mockery will always be misconstrued for belittling and rudeness. To put an explanation to this ‘thinking,’ – the brand character of awards shows is simply that, for entertainment. It is expected that everybody laughs at the expense of actors, who by the way are paid huge amounts of money to ‘take it’ as ‘part of the job.’ While in pageants, women or men candidates vie for the title, and they are NOT paid anything to be laughed at or ‘ridiculed,’ no matter how good the intentions maybe. These contestants didn’t walk up a comedy bar expecting to be ‘okray-ed.’ The ‘okray-an‘ part in reality cheapens the whole beauty contest, when it should not, in anyway cheapen the competition nor the competitors. Admit it, women clad in bikinis with numbers send you a different message. It actually reminds you of that aquarium along Roxas Blvd. And putting them in the center of all the ‘okray-an‘ doesn’t help uplift the image in your head. Admit it!
And when there are women in heels involved, those whom we know have devoted their life to beauty pageants as a means to escape poverty, expect many to be up in arms. And THAT my friends, is the power of mga bakla at mga babaeng bakla! Oh well. We live, we learn.
Toni Gonzaga puts it best: “In the spirit of beauty pageants, let’s end the issue in world peace.” Now let’s put this issue to rest and move on, until the next slip up of another host, we suit up for battle one more time.
Sandali lang! Getz mo ba Pnoy?! Nyeta ikaw naman!

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