24 Aug This Girl Fought For Him When He Was Called Fat



JUAN SAYS: Let’s admit it, we have the tendency to idealize “God’s best,” and too often we have this vision of Prince Charming and a beautiful Cinderella dancing at the ball when we think of those words – God’s best. So anything that is outside of that perception is, well, exactly not what we think it is. We too are guilty of making comments about couples, especially those girls who are holding hands with really cute guys thinking “may Pinay na namang umangat sa kahirapan.” We know it is rude, but if you were on our side you’d think that the world is cruel on us.


The internet too can be a very mean place, just like what this couple Ashley and Christopher have experienced. People behind computer screens can be rude and tactless when making comments. Matatapang tayo kasi hindi tayo pwedeng sapakin ng harapan ng mga taong pinipintasan natin. And because some people think that those who post pictures online are asking for it, we don’t resist in loading, aiming, firing away. But some people won’t take it sitting down.

Ashley stood by Christopher through the criticisms they received on their posts. (Read full story here.) And we can’t admire her even more! Ashley and Christopher who remind us of what truly matters. Theirs is a beautiful story of looking beyond the heart and finding someone who complements you, no ifs, no buts. There are no rules, just love.

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