31 Mar The WORST Graduation Speech of 2015



JUAN SAYS: If there are good speeches, there will be bad ones. This is probably one of the worst, if the not, the worst written speeches we have laid our eyes on. A perfect marriage of highfalutin words to impress the graduates and the constituents of Paranaque. The more difficult English words, the more convinced the people will be to vote for Edwin Olivarez. If you read it in its entirety, this is not a graduation congratulatory speech but rather a campaign-state-of-education-report of what the city government under his leadership has done for the city. Sa totoo lang, nosebleed. We stopped reading at the end of the second paragraph. Sakit sa bangs!


Here is the entire speech. Read at your own risk
Once again, the penultimate day of a momentous accomplishment is once more unfolding to all of you my Dear Graduates. Today you’ve reached the mark of realization of your dreams, motivated by the comfort and challenges in sustaining the years of education leading to the final episode of marching the hallmark on the stage bestowed by the token of Diploma, a concrete proof as Graduates. But looking back then, the day of our graduation is just a segment of the whole package of preparation. Certainly, the synergy of your educational investment is indeed significant because lacking on the outlay of preparation, it will therefore result to a vain prospect and wastage of time, energy and most importantly the crippling of our training for our young men and women to level up there concerns, destined to be our future leaders.
Our graduation theme for this year is, “BUILDING THE NATION’S FUTURE LEADERS THROUGH THE K TO 12 BASIC EDUCATION PROGRAM.” This is a trending pattern that will give harnessing effect towards a complete preparation of our educational program for our young people. The challenge of the modern day living today, is on the quality of education. The leverage of par excellence on the program of education is perfectly illustrated with the almost state-of-the-art living standard of our of life today, and all these are exemplified by the means of educational program that our government and policy maker will adopt in order to participate in the global competitiveness and formulate a tracking destiny for our nation and people.
Significantly, the primary reasons that we ought to congratulate our GRADUATES to my mind, is the triumvirate fulfillment that students, parents and teachers have shared to make this occasion worthy of its accolade and accomplishing degree. Indeed, this is the moment and the final day towards a marching order that will ignite a new hope and a dawn of challenges towards completion of your dreams and aspirations.
To our Dear Graduates, I am appealing to each and everyone of you, utilize to the fullest extent this once in a lifetime opportunity receiving the investiture rites as Graduates. This is your vehicle for the future. Education is the perfect guide all the way and with God’s grace and guidance, you will indeed reach the pinnacle of your success, both of you’re personal interest and to our community as well. Remember, you are the future leaders and the hope of our mother land. Hold on to it, and put into effect the extra carefulness to make all the best things possible. As I usually quote, “Education is the only inheritance that cannot be Taken Away.” (And Edukasyon ay ang tanging Yaman Hindi Kayang Nakawin ninuman). Therefore, let this be a reality to all of you and hold on to it so dearly, because in doing so, you will magnify a true success worthy of reaping at the proper time and opportunity, and by the way of contribution to this wonderful vision. I will henceforth course an agenda good governance to our beloved City under the program, BAGONG PARANAQUE.
Again, CONGRATULATIONS and GOD Bless Us All…


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