27 Jun The Rise of the ‘Pabebes’



JUAN SAYS: As a direct influence of PBBS and other godforsaken reality shows, a new breed of “pabebes” have invaded the internet. For your entertainment, we have included the most popular “pabebe” videos in this article.
But then again, who are we to judge when we ourselves have gone through phases of uncertainty about ourselves and we have all painstakingly tried to find our worth in external things. We’ve all been there, but we’re the last generation to do so without having the scrutiny of the internet. As we watched these videos, we all had one thought, “ineng, pagsisihan mo yan pag tanda mo”.
It also breaks our heart that there seems to be a decline in the depth of teenagers these days. Is it because we get everything instantly? And we’re wondering, what will happen to us and the next generation when the only goal of their lives to solicit more likes instead of actually focusing on becoming individuals who make a difference. Nakakatakot isipin hindi ba? Jose Rizal once said that the youth is the future of our country? And if you look at them, you’ll definitely say, ang future hawak ng mga pa-bebe? Luh.
Sisa Says: :This is the most stupid shit I’ve ever watched. And people actually watch this? WTF! Sarap tirisin ng mga kutong-lupang mga ‘to. Kasalanan to ni Mich Liggayu, she started this selfie shit trend!


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