07 Feb The Queen of Talk vs Queen Rania of Jordan (Our Version of Princess and the Pee)



JUAN SAYS: The need to put them side-by-side is beyond us. After all, one is royalty, a blue-blooded monarch of Jordan, while the other, well, has a self-imposed pretentious title that says “queen of all media” (uh, whatever that means). This is not to degrade anyone, most especially Queen Rania of Jordan. But if you feel a bit slighted, please accept our sincerest apologies. Surely, you wouldn’t go as shallow as unfollowing us on Instagram, and after a day of introspection and self-realization, you’d follow us again. Because we know that you, Queen Rania, use your head to think, no matter how emotional you become. And because you are Queen, a real one at that, you know your place under the sun, so hugging the spotlight and making it all about you is never part of your agenda.
This post is for purposes of clarification and enlightenment to those who are still confused why most of us are not mesmerized (to say the least) with Kris Aquino, we found this facebook post by Mike Acebedo Lopez that perfectly zeros in on what we all want to say.
There are basically two kinds of women: Crass and Class.
The “Queen of All Media” and Jordan’s Rania. What a juxtaposition. Between the two, one is obviously a real Queen. Not of detergent commercials, or washing dirty linen in public, or of scandals and public meltdowns, self-serving claims or chlamydia. No.
A Queen with a real crown, not delusions of grandeur; a Queen with a real title, not an overbearing sense of entitlement.
A Queen who grieves with her people for the loss of one precious life (while her husband decisively leads the crusade for justice), not one who so tackily wears an insensitive statement shirt that screams “look at me, I’m graceful and humble” and makes it once again about her family’s stupid Aquino legacy, when it should be about 44 brave young men sent to their doom by her psychotic trigger-happy brother who was all too eager to bask in the glory of a victorious mission resulting in this monumental fiasco.
The King and Queen of Jordan are in power because it is Abdullah’s birthright. The Aquinos are there because of democracy; we put them there. You know we’re drowning in deep dung when a monarchy is more accountable and feels more compassion toward its people than those we’ve elected into office here at home.
Rightly or wrongly, the nation willingly loved them when Ninoy and Cory died. So full of themselves, now, this family demands love. As if not loving them is a crime, as if not loving them is an obscene aberration of natural law.
Love of country is called patriotism. A country’s love, on the other hand, whatever it’s called, that is earned. And we’ve given them so much they owe us. They owe us so much.
It’s payback time.



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