10 Aug The Problem with #FITSPO



JUAN SAYS: So we see this everyday on our social media sites. While we would like to believe that #fitspo or fit inspiration photos are there to encourage you to get off your ass and head out to the nearest gym, some #fitspo photos have evolved to become otherwise. (Read full story here.)
Just like the humblebrag, some fitspo pictures are posted for the sake of being noticed, going as far as retouching, changing of angles, lighting, filters, among many other things that one can do with a smartphone just to get that perfectly cut photograph that you want everyone else to see. Fitspo no longer serves its purpose. And who are these people trying to convince anyway? We have always believed in progress, in exercise to keep one healthy more than to have a perfect body. We recognize the fact that every person’s body is unique and so is his or her genetic composition.
Let’s take a pause before taking our selfies after workout. Why are we doing this anyway? It’s about time to restructure how we define “fitspo” and in doing so, we can really become more confident versions of ourselves.
In photo is Sophie Kay, a fitness instructor from London. To read more from Sophie Kay, click here.



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