09 May The Power of the Finger


finger power

JUAN SAYS: From Duterte’s dirty finger that made him oh so popular among the voting public, to all the inked fingers posted on our facebook timelines on election day, we can all definitely say that there is power in the finger.


The finger, used to express utmost anger to all those we are angry at (situations and people included), we will not hesitate to give you one when we are short for words on how stupid or how diabolic we think you are. Raise it, high and proud, tell the world what it’s all about. Ang ngarat ay ngarat. Lahat ng tao ay naiintindihan kung ano ang ipinahihiwatig nito.

The finger says a lot, especially during elections. It contains an indelible mark that you indeed have spoken. You know what you want, and you have gone great lengths to express it. You have let your fingers do the talking by SCREAMING your sentiments on social media; typing like warriors to every comment that directly opposes your own opinions. Your fingers are already stressed and you have developed carpal tunnel syndrome by the intensity of your typing. Suko na ang daliri mo at nagpapasalamat na at last Election Day has arrived. On election day, you have marked it, inked it kahit na galit na galit ang manikurista mo sa kakukudkod ng ink na parang ipinaligo na sa daliri mo! But you were proud to flash it on the Starbucks crew to get your self the plus one of that Roasted Caramel Machiato. At pinicturan mo pa! You indeed have spoken. And your fingers have done the talking. It is time to SHUT UP ALREADY.

Truth be told, we don’t need to know if you have voted by showing those inked indexes. Nobody cares. You don’t need to pose it with your dog’s paws, the food you are eating for lunch nor the Starbucks drink that you’ve purchased with your friends because you voted. Nobody needs to know because really, nobody cares. So quit making something that is for the Filipino people, all about yourself. Oo bumoto ka. Oo nananalo ang kandidato mo. Pero ang tanong, bukas ba pag gising mo, kapag sinabi ng kandidato mong NO SMOKING kahit sa loob ng kotse mo, susunod ka ba? Kapag sinabi ba ng susunod na pangulo na hanggang 30kph ang takbo mo sa SLEX gagawin mo ba? At kapag hindi ka sumunod at ginusto mong magyabang, pinuntahan ka at pinalunok ng upos, lulunukin mo ba? O itataas mo rin ang dirty finger mo at sabihing pakyu ka!?

Yan tayo eh. Yan tayo.

Let your fingers rest for a while. It has done a lot these past few months. Surely, it will do more in the coming years, hopefully, it is not about your disappointment in the people whom your fingers stood for today. But then again, that is what the middle finger is for!

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