14 Jul The Monkey Speaks



“It was a simple reaction saying that a married lady should not be out at night having shots (or drinking) with men other than her husband. Talagang mapapagbintangan ka (You will really be blamed). That’s [the] context. What’s wrong with that?” – Senator Sotto’s statement on the reaction of JUANs criticizing him for his statement in one of the recent episodes of Eat Bulaga.

JUAN SAYS: Can somebody please tell this honorable senator to shut up already? With his mouth, he is digging his own grave.


What we are trying to say here is this, we find these statements of his, and all the other statements he has said about drinking shots, and the statements of his Eat Bulaga co hosts about wearing very short shorts quite hypocritical. We would like to point out, as we have illustrated in memes published yesterday, that women co-hosts of Eat Bulaga wear very short shorts too. The same with the Sex Bomb Dancers, the EB Babes, and all the other dancers that were once upon a time, gyrating on noontime television in skimpy outfits and provocative dance moves. And who can also forget, his very own daughter Ciara is a pole dancer. Does that mean that it is okay to sexually abuse this women just because they wear revealing clothes? Dance provocatively? Does this mean that just because some women are comfortable wearing the littlest outfits, they are welcoming all sorts of Tom, Dick and Harry to touch them?

How can they even muster the courage to question abused women, and put the blame on them?

We are ashamed of our title. We know, we have offended the monkeys. If monkeys did speak our language, they would have disowned any relationship they have with the honorable senator. He might just turn out to be the missing link to Charles Darwin’s theory. Our sincerest apologies to the apes.



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