23 Mar The Mess We Ourselves Created: TRAFFIC



JUAN SAYS: We are all guilty of having this crazy habit of creating problems and come crying back right after the problems blow on our faces. Take the case of traffic as an example. We all opted to own a car or two, for convenience as we once said, but look at where it brought us? Stuck in a sea of red lights, in the middle of EDSA during rush hour.


This is not to say that the sole reason why traffic worsens every day is because of the volume of cars. Sure this contributes to the problem, but if we look at footages of what really causes traffic, it is the public transportation that does not adhere to traffic rules. How many times have we seen photos and videos of buses cutting traffic from one end of the road to another? How many times have we seen jeepneys piling the entrance of a narrow street just to block the flow of traffic? Sometimes you can’t help but see that the problem is not actually the volume of cars, but the undisciplined drivers that roam the major thoroughfares. And yes, the pedestrians themselves who cross the streets just because they can.

One time we were driving through the intersection of Sucat and a 10-wheeler truck blocked the traffic with the driver thinking that he could inch his way through the stand still traffic on West Service Road. We cursed under our breaths as we saw this happening. Sisa on the other hand took a deep breath and said: “pagpasensyahan mo na, kaya nga driver lang siya ng truck eh.” To that we retorted, “alam mo, hindi na excuse ang hindi nakapag-aral sa panahon na ito. Socialized na ang tuition fee sa UP. Kailangan mo lang talaga maging matalino!”

Is it about education? Is discipline instilled within the bounds of the education system? How can this be? When we ourselves, educated as the society suggests, are also guilty of not following the traffic rules just because we can get away with it. Remember the last time you crossed the street when the pedestrian light was red? Remember the last time you floored the gas pedal when you saw that the traffic light turned orange? Remember the times you smiled at Kuya Traffic Enforcer just to get away with a small violation? That my dear JUANs contribute too to the problem that we all face. Traffic na nga sa EDSA, pinalalala mo pa.

We in JUAN believe that the lack of proper education does not give anyone the license to be stupid. Moreover, we too believe that we, the so-called educated ones, do not have the right to be stupid just because we can get away with it. The first solution to this mess we created is this: STOP BEING PART OF THE PROBLEM. Be the first person to follow the traffic rules. Be the one who crosses the street using the pedestrian lane. Be the person who does not beat the red light. Be the one who falls in line to catch the jeepney ride. BE, the operative word is BE because being is doing. One less hot headed motorist on the road saves us a lot of accidents. One less stupid pedestrian crossing when you are not supposed to cross teaches other pedestrians that their bodies are not made of solid armor. Never mind if those other drivers are doing it, if buses and jeepneys are doing it, but don’t cut the goddam lane. Don’t cut corners. Huwag sumingit. If the jeep cuts you, don’t chase after the goddam idiot. Hindi nakakadagdag sa pagkalalaki mo ang hamunin siya ng away. Kahit saang anggulo natin tingnan ikaw ang talo. Masapak mo, ikaw ang kulong. Mapatay mo, ikaw ang sira ang buhay. So let it go, and let it be. Mahirap sila, at hindi sila nag-aral ng mabuti para maging matalino. Kaya hindi sila nakapag-aral sa UP!

And as for the PUV drivers who break the law, you may ask, we really have no answers to that. We certainly wish that government would do its part in making sure that these drivers do pass the tests before giving them their driver’s licenses. We do wish that laws were stiffer, and penalties were that too. But as we have been saying, these can only be wishes. We do not have control over that. The only thing we can control with this mess that we ourselves made is well, ourselves. And to choose to be the law abiding citizen, to choose what is right even if it is an inconvenience, is the only solution we can present. STOP PARTICIPATING IN THE PROBLEM and maybe the law enforcers can do their job with the PUV drivers.









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