25 Feb The Future First Lady and Hero (Basa Muna Bago Mag-unfollow. Nagpapatawa lang)



JUAN SAYS: The Filipinos are in need of a new hero. It was three decades ago when Ninoy came home and got himself killed on the tarmac. His death has brought about much indignation from the Filipino people, which resulted to massive street marches, pushing then President Marcos to call for a Snap Election. The outcry was so intense that the voting public wouldn’t take the results of the elections sitting down. 29 years ago, the first peaceful revolution commenced in EDSA.
Today, the tides have turned. The Aquinos are in power, and we, the voting public are still clamoring for the same things – justice, freedom and to a call for President Aquino’s resignation at some point. We do need another hero, and we thought it could’ve been the son of Ninoy, Noynoy. But with his Mamasapano debacle, we opted for a new candidate, that of the sister Kris Aquino.
Just yesterday Kris denied rumors that she will be running for office in 2016. Instead, she vows to take care of her brother after his presidency ends in June 2016.


Kapag natapos ito, bata pa siya, 56. Siyempre di ba I’m sure, let’s be honest, ang daming kaso na mangyayari sa 2016. Alam natin iyan. So kailangan niya ako, andoon ako. Family first,” she said. (Read the full story here.)

Such a selfless act coming from a sister who is so used to having the whole universe revolve around her. (Read this, this and this) Now all of you repeat after me: Santa Kris Aquino, ipanalangin mo kami. Siya Nawa.
Behind the rise and fall of a man, is a woman (see here). Given that the current marital status of our President says: SINGLE, it is sufficient to say that there is indeed a vacancy in a crucial position in Malacanang (and his heart). We therefore nominate a fitting replacement, someone who will inspire the Filipino people to be one in rallying behind the President in his call for “Daang Matuwid.” No other person best exemplifies the qualities (and yes the criteria even) of a First Lady (as set by the most famous of all the Philippine First Ladies, Imelda Marcos) than his doting sister, actress Kris Aquino. (Now that sounded weird, having the names of Imelda and Kris in one sentence.) She is an artist, a great spokesperson and brand endorser, she has the charisma and the pull and commands the attention of the Filipino people. (Who else could take over the whole news cast of TV Patrol and made all Filipinos stop on their tracks and drop whatever they were doing, when she announced to the world her violent break up with Joey Marquez? Who? You already Kris. You already.)


And on the eve of the anniversary of the 1986 People Power Revolution which brought her very own mother, “the saint,” to Malacanang, Kris tells her love story with actor/politician Herbert Bautista.
In her blog entry, Kris wrote:

 “He said he was tired, he didn’t want to play games, he was tired of chasing and of running away, and he wanted to feel secure with someone he could grow old with. He said, walang romance, walang lokohan, walang bolahan. Okay na raw ba ko to marry him kasi nga PAGOD na sya?”

This happened in April 2014, and she is revealing the details of her short lived relationship with Bistek only now. (Read full story here.)

“I said I realized he never said he loved me, he was simply tired, and I didn’t want to be his version of Salonpas, Alaxan, Ben Gay, or a massage. He cried too and said he was scared, overwhelmed, afraid of being branded a “user” when he has given the majority of his life to public service, and maybe we should take a step back,” she wrote.

No, we really don’t think that Kris is in dire need of running for public office when she is THE public’s darling. We would rather have Kris Aquino marry a great politician, one that would be fitting to be the next president because Kris Aquino is ready to be the next First Lady. It could’ve been Herbert Bautista, but he was too scared to take on the woman that was Kris.
Why any man in his right mind wouldn’t want to marry Kris Aquino is beyond us. (Please stop rolling your eyes because for once we are trying to be nice here. Operative word: trying.) Kris is a saint to many, look at her numerous army that rise to her defense every time she cries on national TV. Kris is a hero, we bet she could solve the peace problems in Mindanao if given the chance to talk to the MILF, BIFF, Abu Sayaff etc. (Read it here) Kris in every way has the makings of a First Lady.
So here is our call, who wants to marry Kris Aquino? Raise your hand. RAISE your HANDS! Higher. HIGHER.
Grabe,bentang-benta na si Kris, ayaw pa! We don’t need tissue! Stop judging me!


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