14 Sep The Entitled Mentality of Millennials



JUAN SAYS: In one of his facebook chronicles, lawyer Bruce Rivera talks about the shocking attitude of some of the youth of today. While those who are older have grew up knowing that everything you want should be worked for, the next generation has made it clear what they want, and when they want it, without having to work for it. Such nerve you might say. But it is happening. Just look at their facebook timelines and see for yourself.
by Bruce Rivera
I have to chronicle this day not only because like majority of the Filipinos, I succumbed to the AlDub phenomenon but I realized that there is something wrong with the materialism of our youth today.
I admit to liking the good stuff. The travels abroad, the designer outfits, gourmet dishes and all the hype related to it. And for good reason. I have worked and studied my ass off in order for me to deserve it. And based on the premise that I am spending within my means.
When I was a student, owning things was not my priority. It was finishing my studies so I will have money to own things. We had fun as students, but it was the fun stuff that will not sacrifice education. I drank, had friends and played around in high school and college, but it did not rule my life. And to those who prioritized the hedonistic life, it proved to be a more difficult life when such person got older. People my age often tell me how successful I have become and quipped at how lucky I am. I just smile. The truth is, luck never played a part. I did not have rich parents, I am gay, I am plain (if not pleasant) looking, I have average intelligence. But I was a dreamer and I am willing to work hard for it.
The social media made our youth uber materialistic to the point that they want to go directly to the good stuff without really doing real work. When I was a student, I felt I never deserved branded things for myself. My parents never gave me those things as a matter of right. I had to deserve it. And that was my driving force in life. YOU HAVE TO WORK TO DESERVE THINGS.
Sadly, Filipinos have this dole-out mentality that is clearly one of the reasons for our poverty. We expect a politician to take us out of our misery that is why we often get exploited. We expect our sons and daughters marry rich so we can partake of the riches. We expect people to give us things because poverty is reason enough to beg.
This dole-out mentality and the materialistic outlook perpetuated by social media are rubbing off in our youth the wrong way. Now, young people feel they deserve stuff and worst, they are not even willing to study for it. They have to get it now, at all cost. And it becomes a habit.


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