22 May The Annointed JUANS: The Future of Philippine Politics



JUAN SAYS: If there was one thing good that came out of this elections, it would be that we had a glimpse of the next breed of politicians/public servants who will one day “rule” this country. If anything, we believe that this country has a lot of promise, that is, if we base our assumptions on the performances of the “heirs to the thrones” of their respective fathers. No matter how much you are for or against the candidates, one would surely fall in love with their sons, one way or the other.


SANDRO MARCOS knows how to admit his mistakes.

If anything, this was one of Sandro’s most endearing moments. While we were all focused on how eloquent this young lad has become, attending sorties and speaking on behalf of his father, we were stumped as Sandro accepted numerous criticisms from online bashers when he tweeted his frustration on the initial results of the elections. It was, on his part, showing the lack of experience yet, he apologized for his comment regarding the unofficial results being transmitted to PPCRV.

“With regard to my tweet last night, it was done out of anger and frustration against the electoral process. The reason why they were deleted was someone decided to report them. I apologized on Twitter and am apologizing here for saying something so stupid. I know when I make mistakes and am more than happy to admit it. I was not initiating a personal attack, unlike others who responded.”

Any guy who would know his place and realize his mistakes, thereby saying his apology in public is one hundred times better than the guy who says: “so shut up ka na lang!”

BRIAN POE LLAMANZARES took the heat when he was seen wearing McFlys posted on his instagram and afterwards saying that they were actually fakes. We do not really know what to make of this since, fakes are rampant in this country, both shoes and personalities.

PAOLO ROXAS the hunky son of Mar Roxas was first seen in the initial rallies of the Liberal Party. But many fell in love with Paolo while he was watching the Presidential debates. Paolo was crying as his father Mar gave his closing arguments. US educated, an Araneta-Roxas to boot, who wouldn’t be dreaming of Paolo at night. As his tears fell, so did our hearts. Luckily, not our votes.

BASTE DUTERTE is the hottest thing to happen since, well… we didn’t exactly have a long string of young and good looking presidential sons. Mikey? Nah. Too fat. So in comes Baste Duterte, shirtless on a surfboard, zooming his way to the hearts of many. A seemingly “ordinary guy,” who owns a junkshop, a father at 22, everything about Baste is “normal.” He is a breath of fresh air to many who have feasted on features upon features of that elusive son of Digong. He is your typical “bad boy” with a good heart. Yung maginoo pero medyo bastos. Pero hot siya. Hot talaga!

He went out of his comfort zone during the campaign period and actually went on the trail to give out baller IDs to people. Because that’s all they had.

BIMBY AQUINO YAP could be the next Aquino to set foot in a national race, heaven forbid that his mother Kris Aquino would join the political arena in the near future. And if trends were to be followed on his uncle’s blame game, he could be very well be blamed for the Mendiola Massacre and the Hacienda Luisita killings just because he is an Aquino. Unfair diba? Ngayon alam nyo na.



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