04 May That Thai Ingrate Who Should Be Removed from the Philippines



“Aren’t you done stalking yet?”I looked up from my laptop, irritated with the interruption. “Bakit ba? Don’t bother me.”
I’m on a mission. If you haven’t read about it yet, there’s this guy named Koko (not as yummy as Coco Martin) Narak, real name Kosin Prasertsri, a Thai national who has been working for Cognizant Philippines and yet for some reason, has been spewing really racist slurs against Filipinos and even worse, been doing it in really hideous, broken English. Que horror!
Seriously though, his English and grammar is atrocious but he’s been saying unbelievably stupid things on his Facebook page and ASEAN community pages. He went as far as wanting to be like Hitler and lead a genocide against the Filipino people. He is so full of hate for us Pinoys that he made FB pages which he regularly fills with anti-Filipino comments and attacks. Recently, his actions were brought to the attention of the company he was working for (Cognizant Philippines) and was issued a warning or else he’d have to face sanctions (Apology Letter link, click here). For what we concurred as fear of losing his job, he issued an official “apology” letter, which we feel is half-hearted due to the fact that even after the letter was published, he was able to make another facebook account against Pinoys.
Stalking mode on, I sleuthed on and found that the netizens were right. Mr. Nasty Narak was not alone, he had other Thai friends who were his co-admin in the controversial FB pages – Pilipinas Season 3 and 4. Checking out the leads the netizens posted, some of Narak’s friends who were posting Pignoy statements were in Yangon, Myanmar and South Korea (supposedly). (If you’re going to broadcast racist slurs, please do not turn on your location services and announce which airport you’re in, that you’ve moved beyond our reach blah blah. So amateur.) Thus, the Pinoy netizens were not appeased by the insincere apology and have continued to follow up for real action on both the Cognizant Philippines and International page.
I’m sure the wheels of justice and swift online karma will continue without me meddling further. Pinoys are swift to forgive and forget, but first we want our share of taunting and madrasta-level face slapping. Pretty sure this guy is going to be given what he deserves in Cognizant, all the Filipinos he works with whom he called unworthy to even share the same air as his awesome body will give him enough cold shoulders, colder than the boos that greeted Mayweather after his hugging & dancing win.
My question is more like: wow, how stupid can you get bro? Truly, absolutely, stupid. He truly felt that he was untouchable, that his company and Philippine immigration won’t be able to do anything to him. In his apology, he blamed his immature comments and actions on his youth. For somebody that was born in August 4, 1982, from Klong Toey, Thailand according to his very public FB page, he should have known that his photos will soon spread all over the news, the Thai embassy will soon be alerted of his actions, and even the Philippine embassy in Thailand would know about him, his fellow Pignoy hating friends, and to his eternal delight, he will never work in this town again and will have zero Pignoy friends. What is it about social media that makes some people feel invincible and utterly stupid? Or… were there really this many stupid people in the past, they just didn’t have the social media to broadcast their views to the world? If it’s the latter, then it’s really yet another reason to shun social media and be the blissfully-ignorant-of-the-ignoramus anti-social social media minority.
SOURCE: kinsleytuy.blogspot.com


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