24 Apr Some of us think this is funny well… SHAME ON US!



JUAN SAYS: And while we are at, the issue of weight loss or the lack of it while we try, we’d like to push more of these things that we don’t appreciate being posted on instagram or facebook. We have always laughed at shallow people, we are guilty of that. Some may think its funny (it is if you are skinny), but sometimes we have to think twice before we laugh at fat people. Mahirap na nga ang mabuhay ng mataba ka, dadagdag ka pa ba sa pagtatawa?
CARLA SAYS: This was sent to me by a friend yesterday and I we couldn’t help but feel that people need to hear what this man has to say. We spend so much time focusing on the outer that we don’t take the time to sit down and work on the inside. So when it comes to relationships, don’t underestimate yourself. Because you’re beautiful but what matters the most is that you’re beautiful on the inside as well.
ROCK SOLID (facebook page) couldn’t have said it any better. PAK NA PAK!
THE REALIST THING U WILL EVER READ: I’ve noticed a lot of very attractive and petite women posting this photo on their instagram pages as if something is wrong with him or her. As if she shouldn’t have a man loving her because of how she looks and her size . Let me translate what they are truly saying ” THIS UGLY FAT BITCH CAN GET A MAN BUT MY PRETTY SEXY SHAPED SELF CANT WHAT ARE WRONG WITH THESE MEN”. So lets just be real about it. It’s not about looks. It’s about the quality of the woman. She may treat that dude like a king. Take it from a man who’s dated plenty of beautiful models. When I was single I dated the models, video vixens, NBA dancers, NFL cheerleaders, beauty pageant winners. The most attractive chicks. And I can tell u that its hard as hell to find a pretty girl with a good heart.
Most pretty girls are superficial, inconsistent, have bad attitudes, wanna be chased and not meet a man half way, self centered, only care about a man’s popularity and status, play games, are ugly inside and like no good dudes and don’t even go for good quality men. Not all. But majority! Even if you ain’t that type of chick as a woman, you know its true, and you see it all the time.
It got to the point where good looks didn’t even matter to me anymore and all I wanted was a woman who was consistent with communication, met me half way with effort, had a good heart & treated me good. The only negative experiences I had dating a big girl was that they were so insecure about how other people would view us being out together with my being so in shape and them being over weight and they allowed that insecurity to get in the way of our happiness. They just could not accept that a guy with my appearance would actually be loyal and interested in them and want ONLY them and they created major problems through their insecurities. Too worried that I’d leave them for a skinny model rather than be happy, I saw the beauty inside of them. Females often mistake me for another built, shallow man who only wants a woman that is fit and looks like something out of a music video when I’ve always been the man who cared about a woman’s heart, mind and personality. Bottomline, Women gotta start waking up and realize that looks only get u so far and that some men don’t care how pretty u are or how fat your ass and boobs are if u don’t make em’ happy or act like a good person. And for the men I’ve seen commenting on this talking about ” he must be blind” or how it must be tax season is obviously not a man that cares about the inner quality of a woman. To judge simply of looks is a form of immaturity and shallowness.


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