09 Jun She’s Breaking Free: You Go Ari! You Go!



JUAN SAYS: We aren’t exactly fans of Ariana Grande. She came a little bit too late for us since she could be our daughters if we got married (or pregnant that early). She was another one of those Disney stars you could easily miss out on because well, they were so many. Unfortunately, there were also a lot of rumors about her and her attitude that didn’t help her career either. She was somehow lost between being a woman and being a child while at the same time being linked to “hot” men in the industry. We never really paid much attention to her but found our selves singing (and dancing to her songs, collaborations with her then beau Sean – One Last Time? Break Free? And hello Problem?) until she came out with this wonderful speech on her Twitter account. (Read story here.)
And to that we say AMEN SISTER, AMEN! We’re no celebrities but how many times have we been asked who we’re dating, who we’re seeing, why things with the last guy didn’t work out and truth be told, we don’t want anything to do with it. We shouldn’t be defined by the man we are dating regardless of his stature. Hindi sa lahat ng bagay ng dahil lang sa lalaki at sa pera. Utang na loob. We’d rather be defined by our achievements, what we do and how we stood up for the things that we believe in – by our politics and our existence.
It is surely empowering to hear this from someone as young as Ariana and we can only hope that this will inspire girls to not just perfect their selfies with the many filters available, but to actually stand up for something.



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