12 Oct Seriously, this kid knows more about the law than most politicians



JUAN SAYS: We found this floating in our facebook timelines and we didn’t want to click for it can be another annoying story of how people would maltreat children, and we don’t want any of it. Yet somehow, after three times of seeing the same picture on our timelines we found it hard not to check the story. This story made our Monday. There is HOPE for millenials after all! Law students decided to teach this kid instead of just buying from him. Indeed he needed the money for him to go to school, but these law students gave him more than just money. The gift of knowledge and the gift of hope. Read this post by Alphi Magdaluyo.
“Ate bili na po kayo.”
This kid often shows up outside the school at around 6pm onwards asking people to buy snacks, “pang baon ko lang po” he adds.
This evening, I was surpised by his spiel.
”Ate bili na po kayo.”
Me: next time na, next time.
Him: Ate gusto nyo po irecite ko sa inyo ‘yung Preamble?
I turned to look at him, seriously.
”Ano pa ang alam mo?”
H: Preamble, national territory, declaration of state policies, citizenship and suffrage, legislative, revised penal code article 14 aggravating (circumstances), article 11 justifying circumstances, family code – what is marriage, saka po ‘yung civil code article 1920.
M: *laughs* Memorize mo? sino nagsabi sa’yo nyan? Mga law students?
H: Opo. May deal po.
Me: anong mga deal?
H: bumibili po ng mga paninda ko, meron pa po, ticket. Sa EK.
M: Enchanted Kingdom? 
Nagpunta ka dun?
H: Opo. Nagpunta po sila tapos sinama po ako. May ticket nga sa Star City, dalawa sayang di po nagamit.
Me: Sige papicture muna sayo ha. Baka may gusto magpa deal ng accounting sayo.
H: “‘yung taxes po. Tapos ‘yung “negotiable”.
Amazed by this kid and how cool my schoolmates can be. This generation was not that hopeless as I imagined it to be, after all.
Mudjur Clemente, 13 from Tondo
grade seven student of Jose Abad Santos High School.
He’s already planning to take up law someday.


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