10 Mar Sabi ko nga GWAPO diba?! 8 Ways We Classify Men



JUAN SAYS: Back in the day, the girls of JUAN used to sit by the college walk way and just watch men as they passed by. We had a ranking of 1 to 5 and 5 being the highest, we took a quick “head-to-foot-and-back-again” glance on every man that walked on what we regarded as THE runway. We considered the face, the physique and the butt. Fifteen years hence, nothing has changed, we still look at men and rate them. But today we stopped using numbers, we brand them with names. But this post we found on facebook has given better justice to all the men we’ve rated, yey! Yes, we can be shallow like that.


  1. Adonis – the hunky bortas with the leading man looks and has the x factor smile. Yung gwapo, yung talagang drop-dead gorgeous, shut-up ka na lang girl and close your mouth, wipe your drool kind of gwapo. Parang si PIOLO lang, ganun. Yung pag nakita mo mapapasigaw ka ng UNLI RICE PLEASE!01-adonis

  3. Matinee – the mid built, “di nakakasawang tingnan” look and has an impeccable choice of get up and lifestyle.

3. Baby Boys – the cutie-cutie boy next door look with the cute and charming aura.
4. Sex Appeal – the “you don’t know what’s in him” look. He is not pogi at first look but there is a wow factor on the second. Animalistic appeal, that’s what we call it. Or he could just smell like cotton candy and you just want to lick him like crazy ‘coz he is ice cream to you.


5. The Blunts – the pwede na look. You can either notice them or not. They are just there. Parang puting pader, nicely painted, adorned with picture frames and paintings that you rarely get to notice the pader. Ask yourself, did you ever say: uy, how nice naman your walls. So evenly painted. So white. Hindi naman diba? Another face in the crowd. Pader nga. Mukhang pader.
6. Hipontastic – the borta but with the not so kaaya-ayang fez. Well, they spend hours in the gym taking selfies, but as you look at them, you begin to realize that in spite of the goddam makalaglag-panty physique, CHAKA PA DIN SILA. Hipon nga. Kain katawan, tapon ulo. Half rice lang teh. Diet ako.
7. Chararat Mr.Disco – the undeniable fugly look. Kahit bihisan mo, maligo sa pabango, lets face it – NGANGA!
8. What the hell?Huh? Andaw? Ansaveh? Sayang ang airtime! Wag ng pagusapan please!

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