11 Aug Piso Para Kay Leni



JUAN SAYS: We too were stunned when Lacierda launched a campaign to solicit money for Leni Robredo. We do not question the financial capacities of VP Robredo (or the lack of it.) But we question why all of a sudden the whole Philippines is involved in raising funds to pay the lawyers of VP Robredo. That is her personal fight, and that is, to be really honest, none of our business.


In truth, there are more worthy causes that we can give our precious “piso” to rather than that of VP Robredo’s personal campaign to keep her position or suppress the claims of Bong Bong Marcos. Many of us (even Leni supporters) would agree, that this is not the worst cause there is. LP can back her up. They have the most to gain anyway.

Darwin Canete posted this on his facebook timeline, and we couldn’t agree more:

Top Ten Things Better than Leni Robredo to Give Money To:
(No particular order)

  1. Victims of Fire and Natural Disasters
  2. Causes to Save Street Children and other victims of abuse
  3. Environmental Groups
  4. Families of fallen Soldiers and Policemen
  5. Orphanages and Charitable Institutions
  6. Indigent Patients in Charity Wards
  7. Restoring cultural landmarks
  8. People who lost their jobs
  9. Building schools in remote areas
  10. To build homes for informal settlers
  11. To give food to starving farmers in Mindanao.

If you think Leni deserves your peso better than these causes, then fuck you. Sumusuweldo iyan sa gobyerno. May budget pa sa opisina. Hindi ka lang bobo. Uto-uto pa.

His comments by the way. Not ours.


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