21 Dec Patriotism Should Also Be Diplomatic



JUAN SAYS: So the leftist groups are reacting to Pia’s answer in the Question and Answer portion of Miss Universe. Some even gave their 2 cents on twitter on how they were to answer the question if they were in Pia’s shoes. But then again, you are NOT in Pia’s shoes. Though she is a representative of our country to the Miss Universe pageant, her answer was an honest to goodness personal opinion. And in our books, she was just being herself. Was she uninformed? NO. She knows what she is talking about. Here is Atty. Bruce Rivera’s “violent reaction,” to those with “violent reactions” to Pia’s answer.


As soon as Miss Universe 2015 answered that she has no problem maintaining military bases in the Philippines, many activists started tweets criticizing her answer calling her unpatriotic, a sell-out and other names.

Oo, kayo na ang nationalistic. Kayo na ang unpatriotic. Sa inyo na…

I mean, what do you want Pia to answer? No to US bases in the United States televised on a US channel during a US-owned pageant? Are you even thinking straight or has the nationalist/socialist ideology clouded your sense of logic. In a world of bullies, real patriotism is the about realistic diplomacy.

In the past, we were able to remove military bases because we had no external threats. Now, China is bullying us and we need American and international alliances for self-preservation.
And its a freaking beauty pageant. Its not the United Nations. You do not win crowns by being undiplomatic.
So, just keep your mouths shut and do not rain on our parade. Yung mga politiko guluhin ninyo huwag kaming magaganda.

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