19 Dec Of Beauty Contests and Pinoy Pride



Many people do not understand my possessive nature of beauty contest. But for every pageantologist like me, it is a source of national pride.


There are a few things the Philippines is known for that we should be proud of: our industrious OFW work force, our small but terrible boxers, the fact that we smile even during a calamity, the singers who awe the world and our beauty queens. They are the ones who give us pride on a regular basis.

A loss in a pageant is not just a loss for the candidate but a loss for the country. And we like to win fair and square. We frown on hometown victories even if our bet deserved the victory. Jamie Herrell , Lorna Legaspi, Karla Henry and Michelle Aldana all deserved their wins but some Pinoys still had negative reactions.

In short, if you wear the Philippine sash, it should be the business of every Filipino. Because, he or she represents us. Yedda Mendoza, Bb. Pilipinas International 1996 had to drop her Norweigan sounding family name as respect for that sense of national pride.

Holders of pageant franchise should not only respect that, it should be their primary consideration especially if its head was not born Filipino. The sensitivity to the Filipinos is always the rule especially when you are tasked to chose women to wear the Philippine sash.

Reasons such as business or contractual consideration will never be justifications because it was never a business. It is a foundation that is created by law not to earn money. It can operate at a loss because its reason for existence has that of a greater national interest and not for money. When the BPCI for a time allowed Korean Airlines as sponsor, I told myself, bakit hindi PAL or Cebu Pac? At kung di pumayag ang dalawang sponsors, delicadeza na lang siguro na huwag kumuha ng foreign sponsor based on the Filipino first policy.

Filipinos are used to losing. But not in beauty pageants. Because we have a fighting chance. It is not like basketball that if we field pure Filipinos, we are deficient in the height department. Yet, we manage to win basketball. I literally cried when Perfida Limpin, Violeta Naluz and Rosita Capuyon got sixes while Venezuela scored nines. It was not because of lack of beauty. We were sending the wrong type of beauty because for a time, we followed the Gloria Diaz mold to win. But there is no mold. Beauty changes.

I commend the Miss World Philippines and Miss Earth-Carousel for being sensitive to Filipino pride. Gowns and costumes are Filipino made. It has significance to Filipino culture because it takes a Filipino to make a costume about his country. If you allow a foreigner whose only contact with Philippine culture are the boys he may have chatted in the internet, that is a crime of national proportions. MJ wore a costume that will never represent the Philippines. The colors are not even Filipino. And it was poorly executed. And as if she does not know what is a well-executed costume when Cary Santiago won the Best In Costume award that year and the Barazza costume is not even within distance. It was a horrible, horrible reason to waste textile.

But Filipinos are hospitable and respectful.

Since 1999, when Miriam won wearing a gown where she tripped because it was made not looking at her proportions, we have to endure the same problem every year. Gowns that are underwhelming and worst, not Philippine made. At least if a gown sucked, allow a Filipino to be the one to bastardize it. Kung babalahurain lang naman pala, isang dayuhan pa ang gagago sa atin. For years, Barazza made our bets wear metallic with big ribbons like they are gifts waiting to be unwrapped. Yes they place, but the gown was not the reason. Why would one create a white gown that is serpentine cut when the candidate has ample hips and then make a silver gown for your representative na pagtabihin mo sila, magmumukhang abay sa kasal ang atin at bride yung sa kanila. Last year, I was very brutal even accusatory. But I kept quiet for the purpose of peace.

This year, I am no longer in a mood to forgive. The BPCI is a Filipino foundation whose head is someone who is no longer sensitive to Filipino culture and heritage. Perhaps, in the past, she was sensitive because after all she is Colombian who married a Filipino and needed to prove herself. But since 2000 until the present, her insistence on disregarding Filipino creations has reached a level of impunity, I could no longer forgive. Even Pia’s victory will never make me change my mind. So here is my proposal.


And the government should make sure that is followed. Thus, I will start a petition to ask our legislative branch to make a law to such effect. I do not know how to do it but I will find out. And if beauty camps will not unite and kowtow to her because of fear that your camp will be blacklisted then you are part of the problem.


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