JUAN SAYS: With continuous threats of attack all through out Europe, a Pinay writer residing in Brussels essays the one thing that these Muslim Extremists want us to feel – FEAR!


Foreward by Ivy Liza Mendoza: My good friend Louise Baterna, who took me to my first sojourn to Paris in 1994, and then again in 2007, decides to be strong and fight the real enemy – fear. A mother, a wife, a writer, a citizen of the world, Louise writes this short, heartrending piece from Brussels, from where many terrorists plan their attacks. As I post this, raids are being conducted now in Brussels where the eighth attacker is now suspected to be:

nofearTODAY, I braved the streets. That sounds ridiculous when Paris is some 300 kms away. But Brussels has now been put in the spotlight as the nest of terrorists, as the breeding ground of radicals, and the den of evil master plans.

Yesterday, I stayed glued infront of the tv, feeding on every new element of that senseless massacre and foregoing a scheduled trip to buy food in the supermarket 500 meters away from where I lived. I found all the excuses to stay in the warmth and safety of my four walls.
Shamefully, I admit that the virus of fear has crept into my veins.

Fear that my 18 year old daughter goes to a concert of her favourite band and will never come back.

Fear that I couldn’t finish my pizza during a dinner out with friends.

Fear that my seat mate in the subway carries explosives on his vest.

Fear that my neighborhood will become the scene of a modern war zone. Fear that I’m actually living in one.

Fear that my color, my religion, my values make me the target. Or worse, not even the target, just a number, a casualty, someone in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But most of all, I fear of my fear.

The cold wind outside has brought me back to my senses, dried the tears I shed for those who were killed and for those they left behind, for those who died young and for those whose youth have ended that horrific night.

And it is for them that tomorrow, after the mourning, I have to be strong to fight the real enemy: my fear. No fear for Paris. No fear for humanity.

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