14 Nov Netizens Fall for Satirical Link



JUAN SAYS: Are we really this dumb? Our facebook timelines were filled with posts from Manila Link, a satirical website that produces nothing but fictional stories based on real life people. Granting that the story was really a “revelation” of sorts, wouldn’t Piolo opt to do it on TV Patrol? Just like when Kris Aquino admitted that she had STD. Or maybe in the Big Brother House just like when Rustom Padilla decided to announce that he was gay? Common sense people. Piolo Pascual is such a BIG STAR in a BIG mother studio, he would have opted for ABS-CBN Online at least or JUAN.com.ph. Sa amin kaya lumalabas ang mga controversies na hindi ninyo mababasa sa ibang news website. Anu ba!


Lesson learned people, learn to browse the website for fact checking. If another story feels untrue, then MOST CERTAINLY, it is a satire website. You don’t know what satire is? Google mo! Don’t rely on titles, there is such a thing as link bait. Don’t rely on how the story is written, counter check the other stories.

Now if you seriously commented on that link at posted it in your facebook timelines, just shows how gullible you are. And that is NOT satire!





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