18 Mar Money is NOT the Root of All Evil



JUAN SAYS: Money, they say is what makes the world go round. The one with the most money is the one who makes the rules. In this day and age where everybody is speaking loudly, it is no longer about how high your voices go or what decibels do they reach. Today, you can sit tight and stay silent and let money do the talking.


We’ve watched men and women of questionable character rise up the ranks and flaunt everything they have to our dismay. While many of us are disgusted by their actions and hate their existence, we can’t help but feel envious. Envious of the fact that they are “blessed” with so much while we, people who are working our asses off are still here, at the bottom of the food chain only salivating to what they have. Hard work and sheer determination, they say can get you somewhere. But then again, why do these people live? Why are they so blessed with much money? And why does it seem that they are living the time of their lives while all of us are caught in the rat race?

We have seen these very men and women photograph themselves with bishops and priests handing over tons and tons of donations to the church and charities, and we feel that having such an unscrupulous reputation may not be that bad after all. It is ok, as their actions dictate, to steal from the government, to steal one’s husband, to break one’s family and to walk all over every Dick and Harry just to get ahead, as long as you give 10% of all your income as tithes to the church. To do bad is not that bad after all as long as you pay your way to heaven. May presyo na pala ang heaven ngayon. At kailan ba nagkaroon ng presyo si God? Your golden ticket to the gates of heaven is not for sale, remember that.

The problem today is that the world has become more accepting of these people and their actions, giving them the license to brag about the things they do wrong and the whole society sucks up their shit. It sends a wrong message to the unsuspecting majority. We now put a premium on material things, on the money earned, and never on how it was earned. But then again, we at JUAN believe that for whatever reason you had to get your hands on money that isn’t yours will never justify what you did. Stealing is stealing no matter what the reason, not a dying child, not an aging parent, nothing. The ends will never justify the means. Period.

We have seen the downfall of many friends and relatives who at one point or the other have succumbed to the temptation of money. Indeed money is a test of character. We have seen people destroy their futures, destroy their careers for the sake of a few pesos. Siguro nga lahat ng tao may presyo, mahal lang talaga ang sa amin. Sa magkanong halaga mo nga ba itatapon ang iyong pangalan, ang iyong dignidad o ang iyong pagkatao? Magkano? Php 10,000 lang ba? Php 100,000? Kahit piso, limang piso, isang libo, isang milyon, pag kinuha mo ang hindi sa iyo, magnanakaw ka pa rin.

The need to have more is just too tempting that many have managed to steal a few hundred or even thousands just to fulfill the “need” to have more. And it is heartbreaking to lose trust and even to lose the relationships we’ve had with these people for the sake of money.

Minsan napapatanong ka na lang sa sarili mo, yan na lang ba talaga ang importante ngayon? Pera? Honor, integrity, honesty and dignity have lost its place in the society today because of money, or the greed for it. How many people would take pay cuts to take on a job that is aligned with their values? How many people have sacrificed their happiness, their dignity and their peace for the sake of money? And in the long run, how many people can truly say that having all the money in the world was worth it? Is it worth having sleepless nights? Is it worth not being able to walk down the streets without fear? Is it worth it when you look at yourselves in the mirror and begin to hate what you see?

But then again, the choices we make about money reflects the character that we have. It shows what we value in life. Minsan, sa ibang tao, perapera lang talaga. At sa iba, kapit na lang sa patalim sa ngayon, dahil kailangan mo pa. And then what? What will you do with all that money if you have already wasted your life, your time living a fucked up life? Money will never be able to buy happiness. Money will never be able to buy peace of mind.

At the end of it all, the wrong things we do will eventually catch up with us. The lies we tell ourselves, and the lies we tell other people will come back to bite us in the ass. The money we stole will also be lost. The life we wasted doing the wrong things just to earn money is already lost. The love we gave up for the sake of money will never come back. And you know what’s sad about payback? It is always double.

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